Ch. 29

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Tobias POV:

I hear the door click and smile, knowing it's Tris. She told me she was going to see Lynn. She wants to make Lynn change her mind about not wanting crutches.

"Hey babe." I say as she walks in. She raises an eyebrow and I laugh. "Not good?"

"No, no. Just...different?" She says as a question. She laughs a bit and comes over to me. She sits on my lap and leans into my chest.

I decide to bury my chin into the crook of her neck. "So, How was it?" I mumble into her neck. She squirms a little, and I know I tickled her. She laughs a little.

"I might, just might, have got her to agree!" I give a look of shock to her and nod for her to go on. "I told her she can hit people with them!" A flash of realization comes across her face and she face palms. I rub her thigh as I snake my arms around her waist.

"Eh, don't worry- she can now hit Peter too." She laughs a lot when I say this and smiles. Her bright blue eyes stare into mine and she starts speaking.

"That's what I said I think." I laugh at her. She's so cute.

"Tobias- I am not cute!" Oops, said that out loud. I need to stop doing that. She pinched my cheeks and smiles. She turns all the way around in my lap so she can fully face me. I hold her tighter against me and whisper,

"I love you."

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