ch. 19

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Hehe Bree our song____ now ill write.

Tris POV:

I wake up hearing my door open. I'm shaking with fear. "No! Please! Don't hurt!" My words can't come out. They won't.

I shut my eyes and pray. I'm sorry Tobias. I'm scared too.

But then I feel his warm hands wrap around my hand. "Tris, it's me, Four." I am still shaking, my eyes still shut.

"Trissy. It's okay. I promise. Just open your eyes and tell me- us what happened." He leans in close and whispers, "I love you Tris. Open your eyes. Everything is fine."

I smile. And slowly open my eyes. I press my lips to his ear and whisper, "I love you...Tobias."

He looks at me and smiles ear to ear. "You remembered!" I nod my hear in response. But then the flashbacks happen again. I scream, and he jumps.

I'm shaking again. I look around the room. "Mama! Dad! Caleb!" I didn't know they were here. Mama smiles and walks towards me. I wrap my free arm around her.

"Bea. I know you are scared. But please tell us what you remember."

I nod and hesitantly say, "Orange Serum. Choked. Needle.  Scary man. Marcus?" Everyone gasps.

My dad speaks up. "M...Marcus said he had some business to attend." I feel a flash of realisation.

"That was me?" I say, more of asking. They nod slowly.

"Mama? Can I hug you?" She nods and I squeeze her tight. My eyes are drifting to a faraway place. And I hope that place is happy.

But the last thing I hear is the door slam. And Tobias is gone.

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