Ch. 2

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We get to the cafeteria and sit near our small gang of 9, including us. Zeke, Marlene, Lynn, Shauna, Christina, Will, and Uriah are already eating. "Hey guys!" Christina says excitedly. I can tell she's happy and excited to train initiates with Uriah. A few more 'Heys' and 'Hi's' go around the table before I can speak.

"So... Christina, Uriah..." I start, already knowing what the answer is going to be. "Do you want Dauntless-" she cuts me off right there. "WE WANT DAUNTLESS BORN SO WE CAN SCARE THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF THEM!" She basically screams it. I look at Uriah and he's laughing too hard. Nobody looks over here because well we are Dauntless, duh.

We all keep laughing as Zeke and Uriah crack a few more jokes. I look up to Tobias and say, "Isn't the whole reason why we are here to eat?" He nods and we get up and get some food.

I get two muffins, chocolate milk, strawberries, and cake, of course. I don't look at Tobias' plate until we sit down, and see that he has already ate half of a slice of cake.

"Gosh Four! You're gonna get fat!" Zeke says jokingly. Me and Tobias look at his plate. Tobias grunts. "Your one to talk. You've eaten FOUR muffins and THREE slices of cake!"

Zeke smirks. He opens his mouth like he's going to talk but no words come out. That makes all of laugh some more. I look over and Lynn has been quiet this whole time. I wonder what's up with her?

Zeke finally is able to say something, but it's only, "I hate you!" And he says it jokingly.

"Love you too, sweetheart!" Tobias replies. I love their relationship as friends. Zeke, Uriah, and I are like brothers and sisters, so we have a different kind of bond. I can tell Tobias is so much happier than he used to be.

"The four of us of us are going shopping!" Shauna says. Christina, Shauna, and Marlene stand up. Lynn rolls her eyes and walks with them. She hates shopping, and it is pretty obvious. I hate it too, so I can't blame her.

"Hey should we have a public or secret relationship during initiation?" Tobias whispers into my ear. I whisper back. "Secret." I grab his cheeks and kiss him lightly. "But I'm gonna miss this." He laughs.

I love you." He says.

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