Ch. 6

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I grunt and leave the cafeteria with Christina. Please don't take me shopping... again. "We're going shopping!" She squeals it so she sounds like an Amity.

"Why am I even friends with youuu!" I reply, exacerbating the you. She glares at me. "Whatever." She looks at the clock. "OMG! I only have 4 hours to get us ready! And go shopping!" She frowns and scans me real fast. Then she drags me into the store.

It's been almost an hour and we've been in the same store. I, finally have an outfit, that isn't a dress. We head back towards Christina's place. I hear her yelling at Will to go with Zeke, Tobias, and Uri.

Christina starts putting eyeliner on me and I put an annoyed look on my face. "Christina! What have I told you about me and makeup!" She smirks. "I do not care what you think! We are both going to look good tonight!" She yells at me. I grunt and let her finish.

We put on our outfits we bought. She goes into the bathroom and comes out with navy blue ripped jeans, a black tank top, a leather jacket, and heeled boots. I roll my eyes at her. I walk into the bathroom to get dressed.

I close the door and take off my shirt. I'm wearing a black laced bra. I put on a purple crop top. I frown at myself. I'm not as pretty as Christina but I do look better than normal. I smile after that thought. I slide in my black shredded jeans and put my converse on. I put a laced black headband on and tie my shoes.

I walk out of the bathroom, while putting on a jacket that says '22. I guess I look nice for having the body of a 12 year old.

Christina hears me come out and yells at me. "Hurry yo we need to-" she gasps when she looks at me. "You look hot!" She finished while pointing ginger guns at me. I face palm. "Anyways, I have to do your hair." She is so excited for this. Even though we party with our gang all the time.

She kind of fiddles around with certain things while doing my hair. She taps her nails on the table a lot. "Hey Tris," she pauses for a second and quietly continues, "Do you know how to... um braid hair." Why is she so nervous to ask it? "Of course I do! I had to braid all the children's hair when I was in Abnegation."

She squeals. "Sorry, I don't know why I was so nervous, I Uh, just. I don't know. Anyways, can you braid my hair?" She stutters a bit. "Why not?" I exclaim. She puts my hair into a half up half down hairstyle after she's done curling it.

I love it. But I can't let Christina know so I just sigh and roll my eyes. If Christina knows I like it, she'll torture me more than she already does! We switch places and I start braiding her hair. Her hair is so long now, about mid-back, and has lightened up some. My hair is at my shoulder blades. "Do you like it?" Christina asks and I snap back into reality. "Oh yea. I guess I do." I smirk knowing she can't see me right now.

I tie off the ends of her hair. I loosen it up and throw it around her shoulder. She smiles and thanks me. "Thank you... I love it." That's the most awkward she's ever been. "No problem." That's all I managed to say. "We better leave! It's 7:20!" We sprint out the door towards the train tracks.

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