Ch. 26

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I sprint out of the waiting room. I dodge nurses, doctors, security, and familiar faces. I need to get to Lynn. She was like a grumpy older sister, yet she's only a few months older.

I can't imagine her not being able to walk. Especially in Dauntless! Candor or Dauntless? Scaling high buildings. Zip lining? How will she do all of this.

I finally get to her room, and quickly enter, slamming the door behind me. Lynn jumps and her eyes meets mine. She relaxes. I walk over to her.

"Tris?" She croaks. I keep walking to her bed. "Thank you." I look at her in confusion.

"If you didn't take me here, I would have died. The nurse told me so." My heart drops, as I gasp. My hands are shaking.

"How are you feeling?" I say, trying to change the topic. She gulps and shrugs.

"I'm doing just fine, not being able to feel or move my legs is pretty flipping great Tris." She laughs, with sarcasm clear in her voice. She smirks and I start laughing.

"Maybe we should have paralyzed your attitude instead!" I say, laughing still. She rolls her eyes and I laugh harder. "See!"

She shakes her head. "Do you know who it was?" I ask, twiddling my thumbs. Everything goes silent for a little while. All I hear are the various monitors in the room, which Lynn is hooked too.

I look up at her and she shakes her head no. "No, the got me down fast and left when they heard you guys." Tears fill my eyes, ready to spill. I look down and wipe them, hoping she won't see.

"They are after somebody else too." I gulp and look at her. And I shake my head. Who would be doing this? And why? Who are they after?

"Who?" I ask, still shaking. More silence, and it's not comfortable. "Lynn, you're scaring me."
She keeps shaking her head. As in disbelief.

But now I'm in disbelief, as three words come out of her mouth.

"You and Four."

Dun dun dun dunnnn

Who should it be?

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