Ch. 11

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Tobias POV:

After Tris left with Marlene,  Zeke and Uriah rush through the door. "We got to get ready!!!!"  Zeke yells. I roll my eyes.

"I already bought clothes!" Uriah squeals like a girl. I look at him, "Who are you, Christina?" Uriah scoffs. He 'flips his hair' and says, "Of course!"

We all start laughing. "Can I have my clothes now. They better not be hot pink Zeke or I swear to God I will kill you." Zeke laughs. He smirks. "No you and me and Uri are gonna look like trash." What does he mean by trash. "By trash I mean we are wearing a bunch of layers because. Well. Initiates."

Was I thinking out loud? "Yes you were. And you are doing it now." I face palm. "Of course I was." We all start laughing again. I grab my clothes from Zeke and walk into the bathroom. I have no clue what the initiates have planned, I have seen them whispering as Tris walks by, or staring at us more than necessary. The only way we are letting our relationship go public, is if it's a dare or something.

I slip on all 3 layers of clothing and leave the bathroom. All three of us look like trash. Who cares? "Ready to go?" Zeke asks.

I look up at him. "No," I start, "why did I say yes to this in the first place. I feel like something is going to happen." Zeke is the one rolling eyes now. "Well we are going anyway." I grunt as we leave the apartment and head towards the Pit. As soon as we get there, Zeke leaves us for Shauna. Uriah laughs and I roll my eyes.

I look around to see no sight of Tris or Marlene. "Hey where are our girlfriends?" Uriah asks, and throwing his hands into the air. I smirk. "That's what I was wondering!" I reply, throwing my hands into the air, mocking him. I scan around the busy room. Then I shrug. "Come on. Let's just look for them."

"Hey Uriah. Do the initiates know you guys are dating?" He looks at me annoyed. "The Dauntless Norns do because of what you did last year with Zeke." I start laughing. Good times, good times. "But not the Transfers." I nod.

We look around one more time. Then I stand up on a bench. "What the hell are you doing Four!" Uriah yells from down below. "Looking for our friends." I spot two blonde girls kissing other people. This better not be Tris. I start sprinting, leaving Uriah behind.

Then I get to where they are at. Tris is letting that initiate kiss her!  Marlene looks at me. "Four! Help us! It's not what it looks like."  Lies. These are lies. "Yea right." I say through gritted teeth. I storm out of there. I don't want to be anywhere near Tris right now. I guess she never really loved me huh?

I enter my apartment and slam the door. I decide not to eat. I'm just going to fall asleep. Hopefully I don't wake up, when she gets here. If she even comes home tonight.

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