Ch. 5

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We get to the training room and everyone quiets down. They look around confused. "Listen up! This is the training room. For the next week and a half, you will meet us here." I say it loudly. I see the boys staring at Tris again and I almost go crazy. "Understood?"

I can hear a few 'Yes' and I can see nodding. I turn to Tris and smile. She looks up at them. "Tomorrow, you will meet us here at 8am SHARP!" She screams it. "Don't. Be. Late."

I like this new side of Tris. All I want to do right now is kiss her, but we made a promise. I can't break that, for now.

We dismiss the idiots and walk back to the Pit. Some of them are so clueless. We approach our friends again and Zeke puts a hand up.

"Okay Zeke you can speak." I say mocking a teacher. He laughs. "So Four, Tris, would you like to join us for a game of... DRUMROLL PLEASE!"

We look at him, well the whole faction does. He looks back at us and we get the hint. Tris and Uriah start smacking the table, and eventually everyone joins, some of the initiates looks at us like we're crazy. Which we are, that's why we're in Dauntless!

"A game of Dare!" Zeke shouts excitedly. Damn. I haven't played this since my initiation, three years ago. I burst into laughter. "Oh god! This will be great!" I hint sarcasm in that but I keep laughing. I might pass out from lack of oxygen.

Christina and Tris look confused, but the rest of us don't. Well, Will does, but he don't speak much. He's weird. Christina finally breaks the silence between them. "What's that?"

I smirk at Tris. "So, somebody gives you a dare, and you take a shot and do the dare!" I burst into laughter again. I don't think Tris has actually had alcohol.

"New rule!" Zeke shouts. "You can back out, but you'll have to take off a layer of clothing, and brace my dumb brother over here calling you a... Pansycake."

Tris starts laughing. "So you added our Candor or Dauntless rule?" Zeke nods very enthusiastically. I laugh at him.

"So. Is that a yes?" He asks, eagerly. Everyone nods. "Okay! Meet us at the train tracks at 7:30!" He gets up and sprints out of the room excitedly. We look at Shauna. She rolls her eyes and stands up to go after him. "See ya later guys, I have to catch up to this idiot."

"Bye!" Everyone says loudly. Well, not Will. What's up with him? I look at Tris and she slowly gets up to leave.

"Hey Tris! Don't think you're getting away from me!" Christina shouts. Oh. That's why she started to leave. Tris grunts and gets dragged by Christina out of the door. It's just Uriah, Will, and me now.

Next chapter will be Tris getting ready and then the game of Dare? Comment some dares I should give, either here or my recent or dms. Thanks! 🙏🏻

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