Ch. 17

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Tobias POV:

Not my Tris. Amnesia? No. She remembered me before she fell asleep. And I only left her once, to eat cake and go to the bathroom.

But I think something may have happened to Tris. Did somebody knock her out? Doubt it. Any serums? But who would do that to Tris? What did she ever do to that person?

I decide to hop onto the train. I'm going to get her brother. And then go to Abnegation. I need to tell her parents. I had a different question in mind, but that can wait. Definitely can wait.

I snap back to reality when I feel the train slow, nearing the Erudite sector. I know Caleb hates me but, we need him. At least if what I think happened to Tris did happen. I am praying that it isn't.

I hop off and walk down the street, towards Erudite's giant glass building. The lights are always on. I wonder why? That's one of the rules they don't follow, you are supposed to shut off the lights after 8:30pm.

As I walk, some people in blue and white look at me weird. I look down and keep walking. I have no business with them! So why do they need to look at me? Can't a Dauntless just walk around the damn city?

No. I know that. I think I'm just overly frustrated right now. It broke my heart when she called me Four. But my heart shattered into a million pieces when she didn't know we were dating.

I walk up to the main entrance. Two glass doors, leading to another two glass doors. And then all the noses in the world. A guard looks at me in suspicion but opens the door for me. "Thanks." I say and walk in. I open the other doors by myself.

I walk up to a desk. The man looks about 26-28. He glares at me, for some reason. "Hello sir. How may I help you?" He asks, with irritation clear in his voice. He sets down the book he was reading.

"Caleb. Caleb Prior? I need him."

"Sorry sir, he is in a-" I cut him off. Lies.

"No he isn't. I know your lies. Family issue. I immediately need him. Or else, you will get hurt."  The man gulps and points to the wood doors that lead to a room. Library.

I nod in response and walk over and enter. It is eerily silent in there. I don't like it. Some people stare at me. I immediately find Caleb. I walk up to him.

I tap his shoulder and he looks at me. He stands up. He's about 4-5 inches smaller than me. He leans onto one foot and taps his leg with his fingers. He's nervous, but annoyed. I've seen him enough to know that's his habit.

"What do you want?" He says, his voice clear with annoyance. I put my hands on my hips.

"Tris. She needs help. You are coming with me."

He just rolls his eyes. I lean in close and whisper in his ear,

"Listen up you little shit. Tris has lost her memory. We are going to get you and your parents, and we won't have to speak for a while. Got it?"

He nods and follows me out of the library. I exit the doors, and roughly push the other ones. I can hear Caleb speed walking behind me.

"How are we going to get there, Four." Caleb asks. I can hear how nervous he is.

I laugh, but more of a sarcastic one, than genuine. "The train, obviously."

Well Toby doesn't know. But Tris does...kinda. Was it Marcus that did that to her? And listen up you little shits😂 I had to put that in somewhere. What do you think his other question was?

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