Ch. 8

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Tris POV:

"You're hot." I mumble, not realizing what I say because I'm so tired. I gasp and cover my mouth. "I just said that out loud!"

Tobias just laughs at me, realizing that I am still under peace serum... kind of. To be honest, I don't remember much about last night. Like, I remember eating that damn bread, and the Ferris wheel. But that's it.

I snap out of my daze when I hear Tobias's voice. "Still under the serum?" I giggle for no reason. I smile at him too. "I guess so taken from the fact that you never giggle." I nod. Training today will be very, let's just say interesting.

I look at the clock. 6:45am. I quickly lay down and try to go back to sleep, even though I should be up and getting ready. Do we have to train them. Can't they jump off the Chasm or something?!

"Get up Tris!" Tobias gently shakes me and I grunt. "Tris..." I grunt again and I know what he's about to do. I can feel the She the smirk even though my eyes are closed. He starts tickling me and I can't stop laughing! Peace serum AND tickling is NOT a good mix. "Stop!" I yell in between laughing. He doesn't, of course.

"I can't breath!" I scream and he stops for a second but keeps going. "Tobias!" I giggle some more. "It HUUUURts!" I look up at him when he stops. He smirks, "Will you get up now?" I roll my eyes and sit up. "Fine." I feel my head POUNDING. "And bring me Tylenol or something!"

He laughs at me. I grab my head and squish it hoping it'd stop, but like always. It doesn't. "It HUUUURTS!" I scream. How long is this stupid serum gonna last?

I stumble to the dresser and pick out some random clothes. I look down and notice that I never changed out of the clothes from last night. I was sooo tired.

I walk to the bathroom to get dressed. I slip on my black long sleeve and my gray and black yoga pants. I struggle to get my foot into my converse and start laughing. Ugh I hate this so much. I finally get the shoe on and look at my hair. It. Is. A. Complete. Mess. May as well make it into a messy bun!

I smile at the mirror for no god damn reason, I hate this serum. I roll my eyes and walk out of the bathroom. Tobias chucks the pill bottle at me and I barely catch it in time. "Cat- like reflexes!" I yell, bursting into a useless laughter. I highly regret doing this dare. I hate Marlene right now.

"What do you remember about last night?" That's a random question? Why does it matter? "Hmm..." I tap my chin. What do I remember? "I remember, eating the bread," I pause and he raises an eyebrow. "And the Ferris wheel." I scrunch my nose trying to remember. "Oh! And Uriah kissing that random guy!" We both burst into laughter.

"Nothin else?" He asks and I nod, giggling once more. "Nothin." He starts laughing. "What! Was I supposed to remember something?" He shakes his head smirking. I don't believe him at all but why fight right now.

I'm also too hungry to ask. My stomach growls and I guess he heard it. "Hungry?" He asks. I blush, but nod. Tobias opens the door, like a gentleman, and we start walking to the cafeteria. 


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