Ch. 20

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Tobias POV:

Nope. I'm out of here. Now I need to find Marcus. I'm fueled with rage. As I walk by I slam my hand of the concrete wall.

"Shit! Why did I do that!" I whisper yell, looking at my quickly bruising hand. I probably broke it. Oh well.

I storm down the halls. Where to go...where to go? Where should I go. I don't want to go home. Not right now. I'll break something. Besides my hand.

I keep walking. I turn the corner and here footsteps. Better not be my friends. I am NOT in the mood. Nope not them.

In fact, nobody is there. "Huh? Who was that?"

No answer. But I hear more footsteps. I turn around. Nobody there. May as well keep walking.

I decide I am going to go home. Maybe the footsteps are in my pounding head. Hmm.

I turn a few more times until I get to my apartment. I have to figure out what to do. I grab my keys and struggle to find the right one.

Marcus is already wanted because of all his crimes. Possession of weapons in Abnegation is a huge crime there. Here, not so much. Illegal possession of serums, child and sexual abuse, and man slaughter.

Yes, manslaughter. He got away with killing three people. Somehow... but if I find him, I can-


Marcus. I turn around. "Leave!"

He crosses his arms. "Oh I just wanted to see my son, see how he's doing since his 'girlfriends' memory is lost."
"So it was you."
"Don't assume it was-"
"It was you! You selfish bastard!"

I sprint towards him and punch him in the throat. He stumbles back and I sweep his feet out from under him. He slams his head on the ground. I drag him by the foot and make a few turns.

I look around me. The perfect spot.
I push him down the Chasm and wipe my hands.
"There we go, never have to deal with him anymore." I whisper to myself. I mean, he had a death sentence anyways.

I sigh and walk back to my apartment. When I get there, I see my keys on the floor. "Thank god you're still there."

I realize I'm talking to my keys and laugh. Am I going crazy? No...


I unlock the door and enter my house. I plop down onto my bed and close my eyes.

We'll need a bigger apartment soon.

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