Ch. 13

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I swear it gets better...

Tobias POV:

I wake up with no Tris by my side. I frown. Oh yea, I forgot. I look over at the clock. 3:30am. Shouldn't Tris be home by now? Is she coming home?

I decide to look around the house. So far, she's not in the kitchen, bathroom, or our room. Even though I am mad, I need to know where she is. I walk into the living room. Tris is asleep on the couch, asleep. I can tell she is shivering from here. I can't help looking at her cold.

I walk back into my room. I sit on my bed and I am about to sit down. But something stops me. Instead, I grab a blanket and walk back over to her. No matter what happened, I still care for her. Maybe this is a mistake? I mean, I don't think she'd cheat on me with him. And she wasn't kissing back... I shake my head and walk over to her with a blanket in hand.

When I go up to her, she is shivering like crazy. I gently lay the blanket over her. She is facing me in her sleep, and the light from the kitchen shines on her face. I can see that she was crying. Was this my fault?

I bend down and kiss her forehead. "Goodnight Trissy."

Sorry for short chapter. I'm gonna post another really short chapter in a few minutes. And then that should make up for me being gone right. 4 chapter in one day.

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