Ch. 23

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Authors note:
Should I skip ahead a few years? Like I'll probably explain what happens through memories. But I mean...should I?

Tris POV:

A month later

You never really think you have a good life until you hit rock bottom. And I've hit it a few times. I completely remembered my memories now.

I just can't believe I forgot who my family is. No, I'm not talking about mom and dad, or Caleb. I'm talking about my real family, Christina, Will, Uriah, Marlene, Zeke, Shauna, Lynn, and most importantly...Tobias.

I still remember the hurt in his eyes when I called him Four.

"Four, wake up." He groans, and pops up quickly. "Four! What an I  doing here! I have to fight Peter!"

A flash of pain shoots through his eyes. His lip wobbles before he can speak. He looks down, but then looks into my eyes. Why was he making me feel like this?

"Tris, you are a member of Dauntless. You had initiation a year ago!" He says, clearly confused.  I stutter on my words that never come out. How would I forget this?

His face is red with anger. He stands up, and I shiver. He is scaring me? But why does he make this warm feeling inside of me?

But as he leaves the room, I remember him.


I shiver at that memory. That was the moment it all came to me. But it was also the moment where I defied the strongest serum. I knew I was stronger than whoever tried to ruin me, and in that case, it was Marcus.

I'm glad he's gone now. I mean, nobody really cared. Now my father, was sad at first, but then they announced his crimes. And he was furious. And I see why.

The leader of the selfless faction, betraying all rules.  A man he looked up to. A man everyone looked up to, now disgusted my him. Do you know how much shame and embarrassment he caused?

But in the other hand, my father is now the leader. Something he had dreamed of being. I guess he made it, but not in the way he wanted.

I don't think anybody really wanted it this way.

But as usual, shit happens.

(Please answer my question. Should I skip a few years or I guess, how long? Because I want to make you guys happy!

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