Ch. 30

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Tris POV:

I wake up cold and lonely. I jolt up and see nobody by my side. My face contorts into a frown as I get up to crab some cake. Why not?

As I walk into a kitchen, I see some paper on the kitchen counter. I shrug as I grab it.


Sorry I left, get dressed and eat, then meet me at the Chasm. See you later!


I smile a little bit and start eating cake. I let out a moan because this cake is so good. Like nobody should have the power to make cake this good.

But it's a good thing they do, since it wouldn't be good if they didn't have cake. I remember first seeing this stuff and thinking, this is way different than the food I used to eat. The best we got was oatmeal, maybe stale muffins if you were really lucky.

I wash off my plate and put it in the sink. When I'm done, I walk back into the bedroom to pick an outfit. I decide to wear an off the shoulder maroon dress, I have nothing else to wear. Plus, it will make Christina feel bad if I never even wear it.

I shrug and walk to the bathroom. I slip off my now dirty clothes, and put this dress on. I groan in frustration as my head almost goes through a sleeve. "Really." I say annoyed.

Once I finally get it on, I decide to put some mascara on and do my hair. I brush it a bit, and part it the right way. Then I leave it down since it looks fine.

I grab my pocket knife and put it on the secret pocket in this dress. That's the main reason why I like wearing this- I mean, who doesn't like pockets?


I get to the Chasm and see Tobias with his legs over the edge. I go up and tap his shoulder, and he jumps. Why is he so nervous right now?

"Hiya Toby." I say, laughing. He wraps an arm around me and I lean into him. "I love it every time we come here." I breath in his scent.

Home. I always thought it'd be a place. But I was wrong. I was so wrong. Home is anytime I'm with him. Anywhere I go, he  protects me. Yes, it may get on my nerves at times, but it's because he loves me.

And I love him.

"So, Tris, I was thinking." He pauses and I grin a little bit.

"Oh don't hurt yourself Toby!" He laughs and shakes his head. He grabs my hand and pulls us both up.

"Okay, anyways, I was thinking. And there is something I don't like about you." He looks at me in the eyes. My cheeks get red with anger as I grit my teeth. Is he breaking up with me?

"What do you mean there is something about me you don't like!" I almost yell. I take a breath to calm down, but it's not working.

"Yes Tris. I don't like your name. Specifically your last." Now I'm really angry! Why would he say this to me!

"Why? Do you want to change it?" I snort and turn around. I hear something poop onto the ground. I still stay turned around.

"Yes I do Tris."

"To what." I say annoyed.

"Eaton." I hear his footsteps walking away. Eaton.

I turn around and look down. A small black box is opened, and I grin. I pick it up and run after him.

"Get back here you Pansycake!"

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