Ch. 25

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Tobias POV:

I watch Tris as she paces back and fourth in this waiting room. We haven't had to be here in a while, which is good, but now she has to wait.

Just like I did when she was hurt, and lost her memory. A few days before that, Shauna declared that Tris is her bridesmaid and I'm Zeke's best man. Great...

Their wedding is in a month. It's been a long time since he proposed. But I see why. They were going to have it sooner, but Tris lost her memory, and they wanted her to be there. She would have been there, but not really know what's going on.

Which would have been funny, but I think Tris would have wanted to remember that. I keep watching Tris pace back and fourth until I hear someone snap.

"Jesus Tris! Can you just sit down for a minute!" I look over and it's Christina who said that. I'm surprised, and based on Tris' look, so is she. She glares at Christina before mumbling "sorry." And sitting next to me.

Right when she sits down, a nurse comes in. Tris leans forward in her seat and sighs. The nurse is giving us a nervous look.

"Lynn... she's paralyzed. From the waist down."


(You're welcome Bree)

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