Ch. 7

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A/N Tris never been to Amity before, saying again, no war happened. Thanks!



So many memories flood through my head. That's where I met Zeke, and when I got my tattoos. I look over to Zeke, Who is practically bouncing up and down with excitement. We just sent Uriah and Will to get food, knowing Christina and Tris will be late, like always.

I look around to see if I can find anyone. I see Shauna, Marlene, and Lynn walking over here. Zeke stops bouncing up and down when he looks at Shauna. He said this wasn't just a game of dare, but he has a life changing surprise in his back pocket.

"Hey Shauna. Marlene. And Lynn!" I yell, even though they are about 20 feet away from me. Shauna runs up and hugs Zeke tightly. She looks around. "Where's Will, Uriah, Christina, and Tris?"

I shrug. But Zeke starts laughing. "I told you guys to come at 7:30 because the train gets here at 8!" Shauna looks at him worriedly and then confused. "So?" Zeke puts on a serious face. "So, they will be late, but still on time! I guess we know who's not in Erudite."  Zeke looks around. "Oh yea. Uriah and Will are getting food."

We all start laughing at Zeke's randomness. I look around and see a black silhouette coming towards us. I can tell that it's Christina. But where is Tris?

As if it was on cue, a smaller girl steps to the side and sprints towards me. It's Tris! She looks so... stunning. Ripped jeans and a crop top. Curled hair, and that smile. I snap out of my daze when I notice she is 10 feet away from me. She jumps up and wraps her legs around me.

"Help me! Chris is a monster!" She whispers into my hair. I laugh because I know I can't do nothing about that. I let her down and look around. There is a single light, but it's far away. I watch as Tris stumbles onto the train tracks and hops back off of them. "The trains coming!" Well duh Tris. We can see that. Christina breaks the silence. "Where's Will and Uriah?" I shrug and look around.

I see three people sprinting towards us. It's Uriah, Will, and somebody else. "Look at that! Tori's here!" Tris yells out excitedly. Tori our runs both of the boys and shoves the booze into my hands. She hugs Tris tightly. They have a mother/daughter bond, which I think is so cute.

Uriah and Will get here, out of breath, and spilling drinks. The train comes closer and we all sprint with the train. I hop on easily and look at Tris. "I got it!" She yells to me. She starts to jump and I pull her in. "I know you do." She wraps her small arms around my waist.

"Oops." Uriah says. I look around and see fries scattered everywhere. Oh no. "Hey! You dropped my favorite part of this whole meal!" Tris yells at him. Zeke and I start laughing. "The potatoes are the best part!!!!" Everyone yells at him, mocking Tris. "Sorry!" He yells for the 50th time.

"Who wants to go first?" Uriah asks, finally changing the subject. Zeke perks up and smiles. "I'll go first since I know how to play and I picked the game!" I laugh at him. "Hmm..." Zeke taps his chin. "Uriah! Your dare is to go into Erudite and confess your love to the first person you see!"

"Okay what's the catch?" Uriah asks annoyed. Zeke smiles evilly. "The catch is that you have to kiss him/her and if they kiss back, you gotta kiss for 20 seconds. But! If they pull away you have to slap them and call them a 'cheater' and a 'liar'." Wow Zeke really thought this out. We all start laughing. Uriah takes the shot of alcohol and gulps it down. "Sorry Mar!"

Marlene rolls her eyes. "Go do it, and I hope you see Jeanine first!" We all choke from the lack of air we have from laughing. We decide Zeke, Tris, and I will go with Uriah to watch.  We get to Erudite and hop out, watching the rest of them roll away in the train.

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