Ch. 1

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It's been a year now since my initiation. I work with Tori when I'm not training initiates. I live with Tobias, Christina with Will, Uriah with Marlene, and Shauna with Zeke, Of course.

None of us could be any happier! Well I would like to see my parents more often, but other than that, everything is perfect! I have the funniest best friends ever, and more than I could ask for. I also have the bravest, selfless, smartest, kindest, and honest boyfriend ever! Gosh I sound like Chris.

I am laying in our bed and I decide to open my eyes. I see a sleeping Tobias. He's so peaceful and happy right now. He is also squeezing my hand in my sleep. I just adore him! He's so handsome and doesn't use me like my friends thought he would. They for sure believe me now. Why would he do that? Maybe it's because I'm the only one that knows his past so that's why I know he wouldn't. But I also trust him with everything.

I stare at him for a moment longer and run my hands through his hair. I play with it while I turn my head and look at the clock. 6:30am. I grunt and turn back to him.

"Tobias..." I whisper into his ear, "We have to get up." He grunts and squeezes his eyes shut. It's choosing day, and we can't be late.

I play with his hair again and he smiles. "Do we have to go today?" I nod.

"You better get up soon, Tobias. Or else!" I threaten him but he just laughs. "Or else what? You hurt me?"

I roll my eyes and say "Or else I will make breakfast and we both know how great of a cook I am!" Emphasizing the 'great'.

He jolts right up. He runs to the dresser and grabs some clothes. "Oh no! Your cooking is terrible! I better get dressed right now!" We almost die of laughter when he says that. I love that he can make me laugh any time.

I walk over to the dresser and put on some athletic clothes. I put my black yoga pants on first, and then my combat boots. I put on a purple tank top, purple is my favorite color, and a leather jacket on. I walk over to the bathroom and but my hair into a pony tail. I put some eyeliner and mascara on because Chris says it makes me look intimidating and hot.

I notice Tobias standing in the doorway. "Like what ya see?" I ask him. He laughs and pecks me on the lips. "Of course I do! And hurry I really don't want you to cook."

"Hey my cooking isn't that bad!" I say rolling my eyes. He hugs me and I know I'm am so happy to have him.


Authors note: I am starting a new book, which is this one, and it may become a series, I don't know. Please comment.
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