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Save Me | Completed by fire_infinity
Save Me | Completedby F r a n c e s c a
Completed "This time won't you save me This time won't you save me Baby I can feel myself givin up Givin up Th...
Waiting Four You by thecosplayingwriter
Waiting Four Youby Denki
Beatrice Prior and Tobias Eaton were dating before he transferred, but she had to wait two more years before she could follow him. The main question she asks herself is...
Dauntless. by nicole080712
#3 Nicole {takii}
No war. takes place after rankings of the final stage. Divergents aren't a threat.
Divergent Wolves(COMPLETE) by Musically_Greek
Divergent Wolves(COMPLETE)by yiannzzz
Tris Prior is the daughter of the Beta for Abnegation Gray Moon pack. It's her 17 birthday, haven't found her mate, or shifted yet. When she is given the chance to chang...
Unwelcome: Divergent by Emberlyn07
Unwelcome: Divergentby Emberlyn Sky
Hey guys, This is a Divergent Fanfiction! Its takes place when Tris is 16 a few weeks before the choosing ceremony! Andrew ( Tris's father) is abusive and killed her mot...
Divergent and Pregnant by dauntlesspaige
Divergent and Pregnantby dauntlesspaige
Together divergent by HChap171606
Together divergentby Lollypop
Tris is in constant danger and trouble yet she doesn't understand why but she always has her brothers, Zeke and Uriah, there to help her along the way. But will she be a...
Divergent High by __QueenOfHearts__
Divergent Highby __QueenOfHearts__
Tris is starting at a new school and trying to start fresh but then she meets Four and falls in love with him. Can she hide her past from him forever?
Broken Together by theywereblue
Broken Togetherby tayah
"I can tell by the look in his eyes that he has seen the scars on my wrist. I expect him to walk away, to lecture me, to hate me. Instead, he puts his arms around m...
Divergent High Powers by tink304
Divergent High Powersby account no longer active
Tris thought that she was a normal teenager, till one day something incredible happened. Well it was also kinda bad. She has powers. She goes to a high school for kids w...
Lost || Fourtris Fanfic by lilkhitty
Lost || Fourtris Fanficby lilkhitty
Tris and Tobias meet in Abnegation. What happens there? What happens with them? They spend one year being more than just friends, but what happens to Tris when Tobias le...
Divergent High (Fourtris Fanfiction) by DaEvilBubble
Divergent High (Fourtris DaEvilBubble
Tris has moved to a new school known as Divergent High, with a secret and deeper meaning then the name suggests. When she arrived she was unsure what to expect, however...
Tobias' Girls  by divergent_hufflepuff
Tobias' Girls by divergent_hufflepuff
Beatrice finds out that she's pregnant soon after Tobias leaves for dauntless. Will Beatrice go after Tobias? Will she tell him that he's the father of her baby? Will To...
Divergent Werewolf by Spider7797
Divergent Werewolfby Spider7797
Tris is the alpha of a 527 member wolf pack, the Midnight Blood Moon Pack. What happens when something happens between the rouges and her pack that makes Tris have to hi...
Tris pedrad by chasmscool
Tris pedradby Anti-social
Tris is dauntless born along with uriah as her twin and Zeke her 2 year older brother. Tris' brothers are very over protective after the passing of her parents. There...
Divergent no-war. by hgrier13
Divergent hgrier13
This is my first fan fiction. I know the no war idea is used a lot but this is my take on what should have happened. Please comment what you think!!!!!!!!! ...
Divergent- Four's Pov by agreatperhapse
Divergent- Four's Povby Maddie
Have you ever wondered what Divergent would be like if told by the character of Tobias Eaton? What would be his views of the Dauntless initiation? What would he think ab...
We Are Divergent by SageWrites
We Are Divergentby SageWrites
This story is a Divergent fanfiction with a different ending. It starts off a year after Insurgent, and it has a completely different plot! There are a lot of Fourtris c...
Dauntless High by Lauren_is_Divergent
Dauntless Highby Lauren
(Yes I know I have done one before but it wasn't very good.) Tris has just moved to Chicago after a terrible accident in her old town. She knows being the small, fragil...
Traitors by PurpleJK12
Traitorsby Lindsey
Hi I'm Beatrice Prior but I am usually called Tris. I am apart of the FBI and now in an undercover mission. My mother was killed when I was young. Still, no one has foun...