Jocks and Nerds <completed>  by fourtris_obsessed
Jocks and Nerds by Chelsea W.
Tris is a rich nerd that had no friends. She would rather keep her head in a book then have to go through a relationship that will end with someone getting hurt somehow...
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Discoveries (Divergent Fourtris Fanfiction) by springberrynights
Discoveries (Divergent Fourtris springberry
On the day after they shared their first kiss at the bottom of the chasm, Tris' fear of intimacy comes up during her fear simulation while Tobias is watching. Will the t...
  • dauntless
  • fear
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Divergent: No War by sokki09
Divergent: No Warby e m i l y
Life in Dauntless without the war. Its hard to explain without spoilers, but this has many different things from other fanfics. Including Tris sharing an apartment with...
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Tris life after Allegiant by Megan46Dauntless
Tris life after Allegiantby Megan
What would have happend if Tris didn't took Caleb's place? If Uriah woke up? It takes place in the Dauntless compound, after Allegiant.
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  • divergent
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My soldier by snazzy_neo
My soldierby Sunshine _☀️🌤
Tris is pedrad and she joins the army when she was 15 , after 4 years she finally get to go home for a little while and see her best friend and family.............what w...
  • army
  • war
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MR.PRIOR by Dauntless_Compound
MR.PRIORby || кαท∂isє ||
"Why are you so interested in me?" "there are so many other girls out there and you chose me, why?" "Because you're not like other girls, you're...
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Dauntless High by Lauren_is_Divergent
Dauntless Highby Lauren
(Yes I know I have done one before but it wasn't very good.) Tris has just moved to Chicago after a terrible accident in her old town. She knows being the small, fragil...
  • shauna
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  • dauntless
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Divergent High Forgotten by NatNat_sup
Divergent High Forgottenby Natalie
I am Beatrice or Tris Prior also known as Six Prior to my fans. By the way I am in the fighting and singing career. I was kicked out by my parents for being a disgrace...
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Divergent High by divergentdaddy
Divergent Highby divergentdaddy
Tris prior is the beautiful new girl and Four is the star quarter back. Will they come together? Will new friendships be formed? Sorry this sucks. I promise the actual s...
  • allegiant
  • tris
  • trisprior
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For Infinity and Beyond: Fourtris no war by pirateansl3y
For Infinity and Beyond: pirateansl3y
I wait by the net in a eerie silence. The cold wind dipping under the gap and blowing in my hair. I close my eyes and hear footsteps. Turning around I see, Tobias. &qu...
  • fourtris
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  • wattys2016
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Get To You  by nevaehc3703
Get To You by nevaehc3703
"Somebody had to hurt you bad, for you to give up like that. Somebody had to break your heart in two, but that ain't me and you" -Get To You by Micheal Ray ×××...
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Inferno by Caruscus
Infernoby Caruscus
Last year, at the previous Choosing Ceremony, Tobias Eaton left more than an abusive father behind; he also left his younger sister. It's been four years since then, and...
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  • alternateuniverse
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Fourtris Oneshots by moll46
Fourtris Oneshotsby molly
basically what the title says. credits to V.R for the characters. :)
  • divergent
  • heartbreak
  • love
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The Hero's Call///Fourtris AU by magical_mischiefs
The Hero's Call///Fourtris AUby magical_mischiefs
"Ah, perfect timing! Sweetheart, I would like you to meet Private Four Eaton." I turn around and see a bright pair of familiar blue eyes. It's him.
  • divergent
  • fluff
  • tris
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Tobias by moll46
Tobiasby molly
❝You were there all along, right in front of my eyes, and suddenly having a person who would stay with me thick through thin, for the rest of my life, sounded like the b...
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Forced to love you ~ Divergent fan fiction { Editing } by butterflygurlll15
Forced to love you ~ Divergent Fangirl
For as long as Tris can remember Caleb has been the favorite child. Fitting in was never a problem for him because he was loved by just about everyone. And Tris never mi...
  • marriage
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  • fourtris
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Divergent High: Fire v Ice by Marie__reid
Divergent High: Fire v Iceby Marie
Fours POV She won't break. She's the only one who doesn't gawk at me. I swear I'll make her fall for me. I'll break her. Tris POV He thinks he's so good when reall...
  • eric
  • romance
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Your World 2 [Four/Tobias Eaton] ON HOLD by TrikruBitch
Your World 2 [Four/Tobias Eaton] ☁ Cece Jacobsen ☁
Jess will continue to struggle through this world, figuring out where she really belongs. With her pasts still there to haunt her, will she get out of the new mess she h...
  • tobiaseaton
  • tobiasandtris
  • insurgent
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The Perfect Ten  by nevaehc3703
The Perfect Ten by nevaehc3703
Tris has just finished her initiation. She's having a hard time getting used to all the dauntless. But mostly, having a hard time in her new relationship. She has her fe...
  • 10
  • erudite
  • amity
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Divergent No War by hx7680
Divergent No Warby multifandom
When the dauntless coals sizzled at the ceremony, Tris didn't know that her choice of becoming Dauntless would be one of the best things to ever happen to her. She meets...
  • fourtris
  • tris
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