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Divergent: No War by sokki09
Divergent: No Warby e m i l y
Life in Dauntless without the war. Its hard to explain without spoilers, but this has many different things from other fanfics. Including Tris sharing an apartment with...
Tris life after Allegiant by Megan46Dauntless
Tris life after Allegiantby Megan
What would have happend if Tris didn't took Caleb's place? If Uriah woke up? It takes place in the Dauntless compound, after Allegiant.
Starting Over by BringTheButterKnife
Starting Overby BringTheButterKnife
Two years after Allegiant Tris comes back to the factions. Nobody knows who she really is, even Tobias. She's not sure she's ready to tell anyone that she faked her deat...
Divergent: No War by Divergent_Disney
Divergent: No Warby Divergent_Disney
Assume that the injection was actually a tracking device and there was no war. Tris will be training initiates with Tobias. The story will be better than the summary. th...
The Hero's Call///Fourtris AU by magical_mischiefs
The Hero's Call///Fourtris AUby magical_mischiefs
"Ah, perfect timing! Sweetheart, I would like you to meet Private Four Eaton." I turn around and see a bright pair of familiar blue eyes. It's him.
We Are Divergent by SageWrites
We Are Divergentby SageWrites
This story is a Divergent fanfiction with a different ending. It starts off a year after Insurgent, and it has a completely different plot! There are a lot of Fourtris c...
Forever 10♥ {Book 1} by Kelsey_Writes_AE
Forever 10♥ {Book 1}by Kelsey Lee
[SEQUEL PUBLISHED] What if there was no war? (I know, overused) And what if Tris ran into Peter? What if Tris and Four started a familly? FIND OUT!!!!
Love(Divergent Story)(#Wattys 2016) by patrice48
Love(Divergent Story)(#Wattys 2016)by Patrice48
LET'S PRETEND.............. Four is a arrogant,cheating,boy at Five Factions High. He is in his senior year of highschool with his beloved friends and girlfriend Tris P...
Divergent: no war by Divergent24_7
Divergent: no warby Divergent24_7
This is a story about what would happen if there was no war. Everybody's still alive, other than Al. Read as Tris and Tobias have a life together, one most of you alway...
Divergent High school by evalyn88
Divergent High schoolby annalyn//
Have you wondered what it would be like for the Divergent characters to be in high school? How they would date differently? What they would do if they got really angry...
DROWN °  tobias eaton   by patrclus
DROWN ° tobias eaton by 𝘼𝙡𝙞
𝐃𝐈𝐕𝐄𝐑𝐆𝐄𝐍𝐓 HERE'S THE BULK OF THE IRONY: for having a surname like Lovelace, Chantara had never understood the feeling of love. To care for another human...
Divergent No War by hx7680
Divergent No Warby divergent
When the dauntless coals sizzled at the ceremony, Tris didn't know that her choice of becoming Dauntless would be one of the best things to ever happen to her. She meets...
Reunited ( tris is alive) by IReadBooksLikeCrazy
Reunited ( tris is alive)by Paige Johnson
After Allegiant, tris wakes up and figures out she never died, but everyone thinks she was, she was simply in a comma for a year then tested on for another.When her and...
Resurgent~ Back again by Divergent_obsessed46
Resurgent~ Back againby Divergent_obsessed46
It's been two years since Beatrice Prior's death, and no one has taken it harder than Tobias has, he still can't get over her. But one day she will return back into his...
Fourtris Now and Forever: Divergent No War by jlynneb17
Fourtris Now and Forever: jlynneb17
Tris and Tobias [Four] push the boundaries of their relationship as it grows in a spin-off of Divergent where the Erudite never created the injection and didn't plot aga...
Divergent no war by divergent_fanfics_
Divergent no warby divergent_fanfics_
Tris and the gang have a life at dauntless have no war and the war between erudite and abnegation never happened. However, is Tris's choice as dauntless leader a good on...
What Happened? by thelastprior
What Happened?by B.R
What happens when Tris loses her memory of the past 6 years? She forgot she's married to Tobias, that right now, she is pregnant with a baby girl. What will happen? All...
Tobias and Tris: A Childhood Together  by mayafourtris05
Tobias and Tris: A Childhood mayavoltin.23
What if Tobias and Tris met before transferring to Dauntless? What if they were friends as kids? Would that change how they felt about each other? If they dated before...
Divergent - True Love Knows No Limits by gerardmalouf
Divergent - True Love Knows No KealieJohnson
*warning18+* There will be sex, violence, possibly rape triggers, basically pretty unfiltered. I will also put a warning at the beginning of chapters that have explicit...
Divergent - Tris Prior Conquering her Fears (Smut) by LogandraGoals
Divergent - Tris Prior Enjoy Life 💕📚
One of Tris's fear is having sex and anything intimate, which they really didn't focus on in the movie much. So a lot of the scenarios will be Tris learning about herse...