Ch. 18

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Tobias POV:

He gulps as he sees the train near. Of course, I hop in with ease. Caleb, not so much. I turn around and see him dangling out of the car. I need him so I grab his wrists and pull him in.

"Thanks." He says, with a nod. I just shrug. He looks at me and mumbles, "What is wrong with Tris?" I look down.

"I'll tell you when we get your parents, okay?" I reply in a rude tone. I say it like that mostly to fight off my tears from escaping my watery eyes.

I hear him say Jesus under his breath. I raise a hand and swiftly put it back down. I almost slapped him. Oh well.

I sit down on the floor, near the door, waiting for Abnegation to near. The 20 minute ride will feel like forever. I look down at the ground. It's probably 80 feet below us. People start to look like ants. I don't even shiver anymore.

When I look up again, I see the identical grey houses. I guess it didn't last too long. I look at Caleb, who is tapping his fingers on the railing.

"We are getting off soon."

"O..okay." he replies. I roll my eyes and get ready to jump.

He hesitantly moves towards the door and when the train dips, I push him out. I hop out with him. I grab his arm and pull him up.

"You are welcome." I say, walking towards those houses. He scoffs and follows me. I look at my hands, and they start to shake. Of course they do. Marcus is here. And I better not see him.

I turn a corner and I can feel the people's eyes burn through us. I mean, why not. An Erudite and a Dauntless? Very unusual.

My shaking gets worse and worse and worse. Natalie and Andrew live two doors down from him. I reach there house and walk up the two steps.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

I'm so nervous I didn't realise I raised my hand to knock.

I hear the knob click and the door open just a little bit. Then it opens up all the way.

"Oh hello Four!" Natalie says. Caleb steps out from behind me, probably out of jealousy. "Caleb! You've grown so much."

"Hello mother." He says. He doesn't seem too fond of his mother. Unlike my Tris. She loves her family.
I snap out of my thoughts when I hear Natalie's voice again. 

"Where is Tris?" She asks, and then I see tears slowly falling down her cheeks. "No! She isn't d-"

I cut her off before she could finish that sentence. "No. If course not. That'd be terrible. But I still have bad news. May I come in?"

She nods and moves out of the way. I enter and sit on the couch.

"I'm going or get Andrew." She says, while leaving the living room. She comes back a minute later with Andrew. They sit down, and I begin.

"Tris, she lost her memory." I look down. "They say it's amnesia. But I think it's memory serum." I look up at the family, and silent tears are streaming down Natalie's face.

"Do you have any idea who would do it?" She quietly asks. Most people would say it's selfish. I say it's loving her family.

I shake my head. "Sadly, I don't. Would you want to see her?" They all nod there heads in response, and I stand up and exit the house.

When we get to the train, I help Caleb and Andrew in. But Natalie hops in easily, and so do I. How did she know how to do that? Was she Dauntless?

Now, another long train ride, to see my tough girl.


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