Ch. 15

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Okay it looks like I'm lying in that last chapter lol but I'm not I promiseeee.....

Tobias POV:

I hear her scream. Before I realize it I'm already out of bed and running towards her. "Tobias....Please" then silence. "NO!" I scream. I turn the initiate around to see Sean. I punch him in the throat. Just for the fun of it I slam his head into the counter, because why not.

Seeing Tris knocked out on the floor, I realize I made a mistake. Why did I let a ball of rage do that to me. I don't cry often, but this woman is the only one that could make me cry. But now is not the time to cry. Tris is hurt. And I let this happen, because I'm blind. And missed it.

I pick up Tris bridal style. "I'm sorry Tris... I truly am. I was just blinded by rage." I pause and kiss her bruised temple. "I know you can't hear this... but I love you Tris. I have always. And I will forever. Okay? Just stay with me. Please I don't know what I'll do without you." 

I start sprinting. Infirmary. That's where I need to go. I see Tris's eyes flutter open. "Come on Tris. Keep your eyes open. We need you. I need you." Her eyes are closed by the time I finish.

I get to the infirmary. "Tris Prior. She needs help. Immediately." The doctor points to a bed and I place her down. "I love you Tris. Please stay."  The doctor kicks me out and I have to decide where I'm going to go. Should I nope around all day. I need to clear my mind.

I keep walking. Just walking and walking. I end up at Zeke's house. I knock. Hopefully he's home. If he's not, I'll clear my mind at the Chasm. That sounds like a better idea right now. I hear the doorknob click. And the door opens. He looks at me and starts to close the door.

I stick my arm through the doorway. "Zeke. Wait." He rolls his eyes. "What the hell do you want, Four." I look away. Can I even talk to him. "Where's Tris?" He says, pushing me out of the doorway and looks around the hall. "What the HELL is wrong with Tris, Four. Where is she." He spits the words at me. I shake my head. And I turn away. I can't handle his attitude right now.

To the Chasm I go. Thank God that this is a break day. I get there and open up the door leading to my secret place. Our secret place. My mind fills with memories if Tris and I. Like all the times she's asked if I could go Zip lining. I was going to say yes one day. One day.

I thought she was dead. She was lying on the floor lifeless. She was barely breathing. She looked so...pale. I just wanted to kill Sean. Can I? Can this whole time just start over. I promise I'll do a better job at protecting Tris.

I need to check on Tris. I look at my watch. It's been an hour already! I rush back to the infirmary. I hear footsteps behind me. I don't think much of them. I shrug and keep going. After what feels like forever of running, I finally get there. I run up to the front desk.

"Tris Prior?" I ask. She looks at me confused. I get angry fast. "DO YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION ABOUT TRIS PRIOR?!" I scream. She rolls her eyes. "She wants you Four." I smile. Then give her a weird look. "You  guys are Dauntless Prodigies you Ding Dong. Now go get your girl."

I leave the room. I run by and see someone that looks familiar.  I keep going. Nobody is going to stop me from seeing my girl.  Not even a familiar face.

I knock on the wall next to the entry. "Tobias." Tris croaks. Tears filling her eyes. "Tobias I'm sorry. It's my fault I let this happen." I shake my head. "No it's not. I'm the idiot here. I clearly don't have good listening skills." She laughs. I sigh in relief.

"Did you know Mar and I were handcuffed?" I gasp as she says this. Her voice is surprisingly strong as she says this. I look down and shake my head. "It's not your fault. Tobias, it's my fault for even talking to him and Jay and Zach." I look up, wide eyed. "All..three of them?" She nods and I can't look at her. Not in the eye.

Of course she blames this on herself. It's her Abnegation wired brain. She is supposed to think like this. She is sometimes too selfless. I look up at her sky blue eyes. I walk up to her and pull up a chair. I caress my thumb lightly on her bruise. She gets the chills, so I hesitantly  pull my hand back. What happened? Her fear has gotten worse.

I hold her hand and she winces a little. I look at her hand. A big gash surrounded by a bruise is on her hand. "I don't want to talk about this anymore." She says so quietly, that I barely heard her. She forces a smile. "Can you lay down with me...please?"

I smile and lay down next to her. She cuddles up against me. I did arch her slowly drift to sleep, and I am soon to join her. "Love you, Trissy." She mumbles a few words, but are inaudible. I laugh and close my eyes.

But more drama gonna happen cuz that's what makes a good book right. Be brave. Thanks for reading 💞Laila

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