Ch. 9

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Tobias Pov:

"We are starting with knife throwing!" I state loudly. I hear a few gasps and almost laugh. Tris looks up after staring at her feet. "Four and I will be showing you how to properly throw a knife." I look at Tris and nod my head towards the target. She smirks and walks over there. "Six will be demonstrating an act of bravery. I will now show you how to throw the knife."  I hear one of the Erudite girls snicker something along the lines of 'I hope she gets stabbed' or 'Hope he misses.'

Tris still barely reaches the neck of the target. She twiddles her fingers, probably because of the serum. She closes her eyes and I raise my arm to throw the knife. I set my feet and throw. It lands about 4 inches from her head. "You done, Six?" She shakes her head and giggles. I almost face palm. That serum.  "Eyes open then!" I yell and she smirks.\

I throw the knife and it nicks her ear. I smile but turn to the initiate laughing at her. "Do you want me to throw knives at you?" She shakes her head frantically. "That's what I thought." She shuts up after that. Tris walks back up to me. "Grab your knives and start throwing." I say and nobody moves. "Now!" Tris yells. She must be annoyed, even though she is on Peace serum. 

After 15 minutes, only three people hit the target. I remember Tris at her initiation, she was great at knife throwing. "Remember what a target is?" I almost bursted out in laughter after she said that. She was good then, but she's great now. She's my little Dauntless prodigy.

I snap out of my daze when an initiate calls my name. "Four, I need help!" I go to walk over there but Tris beats me to it. "I got it Four." I nod. "Okay Six." I go to help Andrew because he hasn't hit the target yet. "Four." he says in a whisper. "I need you to help me. Six scares me." I laugh a little. "Okay, set up like you are about to throw." He sets up and I tap his foot and he moves it to the right place. He lifts up his arm. "Okay, you need to hold the knife like this." I move the knife in his hand so he's holding it right. 

"Okay, now try to throw it."  I pause, "Like this." I move his arm slowly so he gets it. I let go of his arm and take a step back. I watch him throw the knife and it sticks to the target. "I did it!" he says a little too excitedly. "Thank you." I smile. "Hey Andrew." He looks at me. "Yea?" I bite my cheek. "I've noticed that you don't really socialize with many people. Would you like to sit with us at lunch today?" He nods his head. "I know where you sit so I'll meet you there. Not to sound creepy I didn't mean it like that."


After Tris and I dismiss the group, I tell her about Andrew. "Yea... I noticed that too, but I didn't know how you'd feel about me inviting him." she says. I laugh and smile. "Did you forget what faction we came from!?" We both start laughing. She wraps an arm around me and smiles. 

Before we reach the cafeteria, Tris takes her arms off me. We walk in, seeing that Andrew is walking up to us. He silently follows us to our table. "Four!" Uriah and Zeke yell from the table. Tris laughs and sits by Christina. Marlene looks up from her food and notices Andrew. "Who's this newbie?" She's laughing as she says this but Andrew seems to take it really seriously. "Oh I'm um Andrew." 

"Anyways, we are inviting all of the initiates to a game of Candor or Dauntless!" Christina yells, while smashing mashed potatoes onto Tris's face. "Hey!!" We all start laughing. "Silly T-" Tris slaps Christina, "Oops I mean Six, and it will be tonight at the pit at 6:30." After Christina finishes, she starts rubbing her cheek. Andrew looks very confused. 


After 30 minutes, we decide to bring all of the initiates to the training room. "All Initiates! Go to the training room!" Christina, Uriah, Tris, and I all head over to the training room. Tris opens the doors and waits for everyone to be quiet. "Everyone listen up. I'm only saying this once! We are inviting you to a game of Candor or Dauntless. Meet in the Pit by 6:30!" 

A few people mutter some inaudible words, but they end up leaving the room. Tris and I walk back to our apartment. She hugs me out of no where and after a second, I hug back. I press my lips to her forehead. In two days, we are playing capture the flag. In a week, we are posting rankings. In 11 days, fear simulations, and 2 weeks will be fear landscapes. And after fear landscapes, I get my Trissy back. 

"I love you." She mumbles into my chest. I feel her smile against my chest, "I love you too." She looks up at me.





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