Chapter 27

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*Hayes's POV*

After we napped and cuddled for awhile, i got up. I wanted to do something for Alyssa. Like take her out on a date. But i'm going to need some help.

I crawled out of bed, trying not to wake her up. I left the room and closed the door.

I walked into Nash's room. This was my help. He was on his phone. Still in bed. As usual.

"Hey bro. Whats up" he asked.

"Well I wanted to know if you would help me with something" i asked sitting on a bean bag next to his bed.

"Are you going through puberty?" he looked up from his phone, "cause you know, i can't help you with that"

"No no. I need help setting something up" i laughed.

He laughed too and turned off his phone, sitting up.

"So I wanted to set something up for Alyssa" i started, "like a date"

"Awwww. Thats so sweet" he smirked.

"Anyways. Will you help me?" i asked.

"Sure. What were you planning on doing" he got up and put a shirt on.

I told him my plan and he agreed. We were going to set it up in a couple hours.

"Thanks Nash" i got up and left his room.

I walked back into my room to see Alyssa still sleeping. I got back in bed and just studied her facial features. Her mouth was open a little and her hair was across her face. She was laying on her stomach with her hands under her pillow. It was funny.

I was going to take a picture when my flash went off. My ringer was on also, so it made a sound. Great. Now she was going to think i was stalking her. Like one of those crazed boyfriends who obsesses over there girlfriend. Oops.

"What are you doing" she laughed.

"Um, i uh, was taking uh... selfie" i said hopping she wouldn't notice I was taking a picture of her.

I think it worked cause she laughed at me.

"Let me see it" she smiled.

Oh crap.

"Uh, you can't. I had to delete it cause i looked bad" i lied.

"Oh really" she smirked.

She grabbed my phone out of my hand and turned over so i couldn't reach it.

"Hey" i shouted.

I jumped on top of her. I thought of an idea.

"Hayes. Hayes. Stop" she laughed.

I was tickling her. Good thing she was ticklish because that plan wouldn't of worked.

"Not unless you give me my phone back" i laughed still tickling her.

"Alright, alright. Fine. Just stop" i could tell she was out of breath from laughing to hard, "here"

She handed me back my phone. I put it on the night stand. I was still laying on top of her.

"Oh my god Hayes. Your so heavy. Get off me" she groaned.

I laughed and rolled over.

"Thank you" she smiled.

We were just laying in my bed, staring at each other.

"Do you like surprises" i asked her.

"Yes" she grinned.

"Good. I have one for you later on today" i told her.

"Awww. Why can't it be sooner? I can't wait. Can I have it now" she mumbled.

"Nope" I smirked.

"Then i'm not talking to you" she turned over with her back to me.

"Please" i pouted.

"Nah" she said.

"Fine" i wrapped my arms around her and brought her into my chest.

"Then you'll just have to stay by me and not talk" i said.

"Good" she turned back over and we fell asleep.

Tonight is going to be fun. I hope she likes it.


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