Chapter 14

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*Nash's POV*

Wrong move. She screamed.


"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" and it was one of those high pitched ones. You know, like in movies. But in movies, there just acting. Right now? This ones real.

Alyssa put her hand over Morgan's mouth and it stopped. She lifted up her hand slowly off her mouth. Her mouth was still open.

"So, are you okay?" i asked again flinching a little.

"OH MY GOD! YOUR NASH GRIER" she screamed again but then stopped. Good.

"Yeah i am. And you must be Morgan" i smiled.

"OH MY GOD NASH GRIER KNOW MY NAME. HE KNOWS MY NAME" she squealed in Alyssa's ear.

"I know. Now stop screaming. You'll scare the poor guy" Alyssa joked.

"Oh okay. I'm so sorry, its just, i never met some one famous before. And obviously not my idol. I'm sorry for my screaming" she apologized.

"It's okay" i laughed.

I gave her a hug and she hugged me back. A little tight though. But i let her. She kept hugging me for about 5 minutes.

"Can't. Breathe." i whispered.

"Oh my gosh. Sorry"

"Haha. Its okay" i smiled.

"Okay enough with all of this" matt waved his hands at us " lets go do something funnnn" he stretched it out and whined.

"Calm down babe" lizzie told him.

"Yeah. But matts right. So what should we do" hayes stated.

We thought for a little. I got an idea

"MOVIE MARATHON" I shouted pointing my finger in the air and running to the couch.

They all laughed and agreed.

"So what should we watch first" Alyssa asked.

"I don't care. Except scary movies. None of those" Morgan said.

"I agree. Let's watch a comedy. And a romantic movie" Alyssa added.

We watched a bunch of movies. Including romantic movies even though me and the guys didn't like them. We watched them for the girls. And matt even cried a little in one of them.

It was already late when we finished up so the girls had to go home. Lizzie and Matt said their goodbyes with a hug and an 'i love you more fight', which was kind of gross. Alyssa and Hayes said goodbye and me and Morgan said goodbye.

"Can I have your number" i asked her.

She smiled and we exchanged phones.

"I'll text you tomorrow" i called after her as the girls walked out the door.

"Okay" she replied with a big smile.

I was glad i met Morgan. Except for the screaming part. But I could get over it for her.


I know its short but i just wanted to update for my amazing readers. Thanks so much for 450 reads. Thats incredible. ily guys


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