Chapter 34

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*Hayes's POV*

Alyssa, Morgan, and Lizzie went into their hotel rooms while me, the boys and Mahogany, got ready for MagCon. I was feeling mixed emotions about this MagCon, considering it was the last one i would ever do.

"Bro. You ready to go" Nash asked snapping me out of my daze.

"Uh. Yeah" i got up from the bed and grabbed my snapback.

"You okay" Nash asked looking at me strangely.

"Yeah. I'm fine. Trust me" i smiled.

"Alright. You excited for tonight" Nash asked.

"Not really" i looked at the ground.

"I know little buddy" Nash hugged me.

"Nash. I don't want to leave" i said into his shirt gripping him tighter.

"I know. Me neither. But it'll be okay" Nash assured me.

I heard him sniffle.

"Alright come on. We gotta go down stairs" Nash sniffed rubbing his eyes.

"Okay" i sighed.

We walked out of the room and down to the lobby. We met up with the guys and got on stage.

We did our usual and met with some fans.

"I support Aayes all the way" one fan said when she met me.

"Thanks" i hugged her and took a picture.

I was extra happy after that and smiled the rest of the meet ups.

We did our thing and danced on stage. It seemed so short and I was tearing up when it came to an end. I think Cam noticed me, but he didn't say anything because he knew why. He was leaving too.

"Alright guys. Sadly, this is the end of this MagCon" Cam spoke into the mike.

"Goodbye guys. We love you" we all yelled into one mike.

The fans screamed and called our names. We got off the stage and I broke down.

"I can't do this" i cried into Nash's shirt.

"Come on. Let's go upstairs. I'll tell the guys you weren't feeling well" Nash told me and walked away to the guys.

I just sat on a bench with my head in my hands.

"You okay bro" Shawn asked sitting next to me.

"Um yeah. I just don't feel that good" i told him not moving out of that position.

I didn't want him to see me crying, which was stupid because he knew why too. Plus, Shawn's like my older brother, besides Nash.

"Okay. I'll be in my room if you need me" he patted my back and left.

Nash came back just as Shawn left.

"You ready to go upstairs" Nash asked.

I nodded my head and he put his arm around my shoulder. I felt like a 5 year old but I didn't really care. I was upset and mad at this whole thing. I just wanted to go in my room and sleep.

"Do you want to talk to Alyssa" Nash asked as we walked into my room.

"Yeah" I sat on the bed.

"I'll go get her. It'll be okay. I promise" Nash smiled leaving the room.

I took off my vans and got under the blankets.

"Hey. Can I come in" i heard someone say from the door.

I instantly knew who it was and smiled.

"Yeah babe. Come in" i laughed.

She walked over to my bed and got under the blankets, facing me.

"You okay" she asked looking into my eyes.

I looked back at her and into her eyes. Her eyes were hazel and i loved that. They were really green one day and bluish the next. It was unpredictable what color they were going to be.

"Not really. I'm heart broken that i won't be doing any more MagCons and I don't know how the fans will react" i told her honestly.

She looked like she was thinking hard, considering she wasn't looking at me anymore.

"Well. Its going to be hard. Of course the fans will still love you and you will still love them. You'll still meet the fans. It's not like your dropping off the face of the Earth. Your not dropping off the face of the Earth right" she asked me.

"Of course i'm not" i laughed.

"Good. Then everything should be fine" she smiled.

"Thank you" i kissed her forehead.

"For what" she questioned me.

"For showing me the positive things about a bad thing" i told her.

"Oh. Well then your welcome Mr. Grier" she laughed.

She turned around so i was looking at the back of her head. She cuddled into my body. I wrapped my arms around her and fell asleep.


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