Chapter 23

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*Alyssa's POV*

When it was 4:00, the boys left to get ready. We told them to dress kind of dressy, kind of casual. They couldn't look better than us too.

Me and Lizzie went upstairs to get ready when they left. We picked out our outfits first, and then our hair style.

I picked out a black shirt and some jean shorts with black converse. Lizzie picked out grey shorts and a crop top with black vans. When we finished our outfit pickings, we did our hair.

I was going to straighten my hair and Lizzie was kripping hers. We set up the irons and had a small conversation.

"So i heard Nash was inviting matt" i told her.

"Really?!" she smiled.

"Yes" i laughed.

"I'll have to thank him later" she said.

We did our hair when the temperature was right. She helped me with mine and i helped her with hers. The whole getting ready thing, took about an hour and a half.

When we were done and we had our clothes and our hair done, i texted the Hayes.

To Hayes:
Are you ready? We just finished up

We walked down stairs and sat on the couch.

From Hayes:
Yeah. We have been done for a while now. We were waiting for you guys. Be right over.

To Hayes:
Haha very funny

Just then the door bell rang and it was them.

Hayes had red vans, khakis, and a red Hollister shirt. Nash had navy blue vans, dark jeans, and a Vans shirt on. They both looked casual and dressy.

"Wow. You guys look great" Hayes said looking at us in shock.

I blushed.

"You guys look good too" i replied, "i uh just have to text my and tell her i'm going out. She should be coming home from work late and probably won't care" i texted my mom really quick as they all sat on the couch. She said yes and that she would be coming home late. That was good.

"So we have a little bit of time left. What do you want to do" Nash asked.

"I don't know. Morgan is already there and matt is coming later. Do you wanna start leaving now? His house isn't that far away and its already 4:50?" i said. I didn't really know what to do for 5 minutes so why not leave now?

"Yeah sure" they agreed.

We grabbed our phones and me and Lizzie took our small purses. I locked my door and put my key in my purse. We started walking to Dylan's house, which wasn't really far away. I talked to Lizzie about some things and Hayes and Nash talked for a little. I was a little nervous, but happy we were going.


See. I told you i would probably update tonight. Again thanks for the reads and votes. I know its short but i just had to get these little details out of the way.


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