Chapter 1

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*Alyssa's POV*

I woke up at 11:30 and it felt like a causal summer day. Hot, humid, no clouds. I didn't have anything to do because almost all of my friends were on vacation. Except lizzie but she was at basketball practice until 3:00.

I went on twitter and looked through all the tweets until i finally tweeted: Miss you guys! Hope you come home soon! To Morgan and Taylor (two of my other best friends).

I went on instagram. I scrolled and liked pictures for what seemed like forever. After I was done, i decided to go on vine. I haven't been on for awhile and thought, why not?

As I was watching vines and laughing in my head i thought about the magcon boys. I had a HUGE crush on Hayes and i talked about him all the time. Of course i watched some of his vines. Okay all of his vines. Don't get me wrong. I like all of the magcon boys but Hayes was my favorite. If I had to make a list of the magcon boys, it would go like this:

1. Hayes Grier
2. Nash Grier
3. Cameron Dallas
4. Matthew Espinosa
5. Carter Reynolds
6. Jack Gilinsky
7. Jack Johnson
8. Shawn Mendes
9. Taylor Caniff
10. Aaron Carpenter

As I was looking through vines, i got a notification from twitter. It said: Miss you too! I can't wait to see you soon! It was from Taylor. I smiled a little after i read it. After that, i logged off and got out of bed. I did my daily routine of brushing my hair, teeth, and washing my face. I went down stairs to find my mom cooking breakfast.

"Hi mom", i said.

"Hi sweetie. How are you? Did you sleep good?"

"Yeah i slept fine" i replied.

I grabbed a big plate and got food. Of course i grabbed bacon and some pancakes. I sat down at the kitchen table and ate my food.

When I was done, I put my plate in the sink and thanked my mom. As I was walking up the stairs, my phone buzzed. It was a twitter notification again. Hayes tweeted it. It said: Moving today. Sad to be leaving, but happy to start fresh. That was odd. Why would he be moving? Then i instantly thought about something else.

Where was he moving?


I know its really really short but i promise the chapters will get a lot longer. Hope you like it :D

-Alyssa 🙈

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