Chapter 15

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*Alyssa's POV*

I was so happy I got Morgan and Nash together. They made such a cute couple. Now me and Hayes. Like i said, i didn't really know what WE were. I did really like him and we did hold hands before. I mean, doesn't that mean something? I don't really know.

When we got back to my house, my mom was already home.

"We'll be upstairs mom" I told her.

"Okay" she replied

We ran up the stairs, almost tripping over each other. When we got in my room, we were already laughing from the stair adventure.

"Soooo. You and Nash" Lizzie winked. Me and her laughed but Morgan just gave us a death stare.

"Come on. You know you like him, I know you like him, Lizzie knows you like him. It's obvious" I said.

"Fine. Maybe a little" she blushed. "We'll what about you and Hayes huh?"

"I don't really know what we are. I guess where a thing" I said, and as you know, that's the truth.

"You guys are a thing. Stop saying that" Lizzie nudged me.

"Yeah. You guys both really like each other." Morgan added.

"Well he never asked me out officially" I looked down.

"So" Morgan raised her eyebrows.

"I don't know" I laughed.

For the whole rest of the night, we watched movies and laughed and talked and just enjoyed each other's company.

I needed one of these girls nights. I needed to talk about stuff and have fun with my friends. They were always there for me and they were like my sisters.

What's not to love about a girls night?


I know its a short update but i'll try to update over the weekend for you guys! Thank you so much for 487 reads😆🎉 I love you guys.


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