Chapter 30

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*Alyssa's POV*

"Its beautiful" i said.

"Thanks. I had some help" he flicked his head towards Nash.

Nash smiled and saluted. What a dork.

"Help with what" i laughed.

"Setting up the lights. I failed technology" he looked at the ground.

I tried to hold in my laughter but it kind of just burst out.

"It's not funny" hayes nudged me.

"Alright, alright, i'm sorry babe" i wiped my tears.

He grabbed my hand and led me to the beach towel.

"So is this an official date Mr. Grier" i asked him.

"Yep" he smiled.

He turned towards me. His eyes were so blue and i just loved them. We didn't unconnected our gaze for what seemed like forever. His eyes wandered down to my lips and back to my eyes. I already knew what he was thinking.

"Nope" I told him.

He pouted. We were still looking at each other, just inches apart now. He leaned in and so did i.

"Excuse me guys. I'm still hear" Nash called from the truck.

I was about to turn my head and say something back but Hayes had put his hand around my neck and pulled me in. Our lips connected and i heard Nash say 'ewwy'.

"Okay guys. You know what. I'm just gonna turn around if your going to do that" Nash yelled.

I smiled at that through the kiss. I leaned out a little bit but that just caused Hayes to lean in more. Ah crap. How am i supposed to get out of this? Not that I wanted to. I just wanted to tease him.

I brought him closer to me. When he was close enough, i tickled him. He broke the kiss.

"Awww. Your going to get it" Hayes said.

I got up and sprinted down the beach. Obviously, Hayes was much faster then me. I mean, he plays football and lacrosse. That requires a lot of running. I don't run for fun. He eventually caught up to me and grabbed my waist, spinning me around.

"Haha, i got you" Hayes laughed.

"Yeah i guess" i sighed.

I laid on the ground and Hayes followed. We were laying on the sand now but it wasn't cold.

"Do you want to go swimming" Hayes asked.

"Yeah. I just have to get changed" i replied getting up.

"Or" Hayes smirked.

"I am not going in my under stuff" i said.

"Hey. It was just an idea" he laughed putting his hands up.

I grabbed my beach bag. Wait. Where was I supposed to change? Oh crap.

"Whats the hold up" Hayes said.

He walked over to me, all ready in his swim trucks. With his shirt off. Woo.

"I uh. Don't know where to change" i couldn't get my eyes off his abs.

"I know you like what you see, but you gotta get changed" he smirked.

I blushed.

"Well were am i supposed to change" i asked still looking at the ground.

"In Nash's car"


I walked up to where Nash was.

"Hey uh, can i uh, change in your car" i asked laughing.

He looked at me strangely.

"Uh, i guess. I'll go down by Hayes. It's unlocked" he replied smiling.

"Thank you" I got in Nash's car and got changed.

As I was walking out, i tripped and fell. I was laughing because i don't cry. I had a little cut on my knee but I was fine. When I got to where the boys were, they were trying to hold in there laughter but failing miserably.

"Whats so funny" i asked putting my regular clothes in my beach bag.

"Oh nothing. I'll be in my truck" Nash said leaving.

"What were you laughing about" i asked again.

"Nothing babe. Its okay" Hayes said taking my hand.

"You saw me fall didn't you" i blushed.

"Uh no. Are you okay" Hayes asked.

"You did see me fall and you were laughing at me" i punched him in the shoulder.

"Alright fine. We were. But you gotta admit. It was pretty funny" he put his hands up smiling.

"Yeah. I guess it was. But not as funny as this" i pushed him into the ocean.

"Hey! Your so lucky i didn't have my phone in my pocket" he yelled standing up.

He flipped his hair. My weakness. I just died on the inside.


Sorry for not updating for so long. I felt so bad. Thank you so much for 3.8k reads and all the votes<3


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