Chapter 22

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*Alyssa's POV*

We went to a couple more stores and then met up with Nash. His friend had left so it was just us again. We were on our way to the food court to eat.

"So did you get anything for me" Nash had a cheesy smile on.

"Nah" Hayes told him.

He crossed his arms and pretended to cry.

"Awww. It's okay Nash. Even though i didn't get you anything, and neither did Hayes, i still love you" i hugged him and he hugged me back smiling.

After we talked for a little and ate, we went back to my house. I invited Lizzie over because she had to tell me something really important and she was going to be here any minute.

We were just relaxing on the couch watching TV when she came.

"ALYSSA" she screamed in my face as I opened the door.

"WHAT" I screamed back.

"So there's this party at Dylan's house, Dylan from school, and he invited us" she whisper cheered.

"Ugh do we have too?" i asked hopefully.

"Yessss. I already told him you were coming and so was I. He said we could bring other people. So let's bring Nash and Hayes" she whispered.

We were still standing in the doorway and the boys were on the couch. Maybe this could be a good thing. They could get to know people and have a good time.

"Alright fine. Let's tell the boys" i told her and closed the door.

"Yay. Thank you sooo much" she thanked me with a hug.

We left the doorway area and went on the couch.

"So we have some news for you guys" i said.

I looked at Lizzie and she caught on to my plan.

"Is it good or bad" Nash said sitting straight up.

"Don't worry about that. So you know how you guys are new here and all" i said trying to sound concerned. I almost slipped up.

"Yeah why" Hayes asked with wide eyes.

"Well we wanted to know if you guys wanted to come to a party with us" Lizzie smirk.

There faces went from concerned to smiling so quickly.

"Of course we do" Hayes smiled.

"You had us worried for a second there" Nash laughed.

"Oh and I think Morgan will be there" lizzie told Nash.

He smiled even brighter.

"Yay. So what time is it" he asked laying down.

"The party starts at 6:00 and its 3:00 now. So we have a little time. Can I borrow something to wear for tonight?" she asked.

"Yeah sure. Let's get ready at 4:00" i told her.

"I was going to say that too" Lizzie laughed.

For the rest of the time we watched TV. I was glad to be going to the party. But I had one problem. What if Jack was there?


I know its a little short but thats how most of my chapters are. I will most likely but updating more tonight but for now, this is it. Thank you so much for 1.3K reads. I can't believe that over 13 hundred of you are reading this. It means a lot.


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