Chapter 28

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*Hayes's POV*

For the date, i was going to set it up on the beach. I was going to have christmas lights on the sand in a big circle. In the middle, would be a blanket. We could lay there and look up at the stars and listen to the waves crashing against the shore.

It wasn't that big, but I did need some help with the lights and wires and stuff. I uh, failed that class in school. Nash passed. Thats what he said.

I shimmied out of the bed again, not waking her. I walked downstairs to get some breakfast. Nobody else was down there.

I grabbed a bowl and some cinnamon toast crunch. Its weird that its my favorite cereal and Nash's favorite cereal AND Cameron's favorite cereal.

I got the milk from the fridge. I was still kind of tired, so i was half asleep. Of course i got startled.

"Hey" Alyssa said.

Thats what startled me.

"You made me spill my milk" i laughed.

"Well sorry" she laughed.

"I guess its okay. You have to repay me by going on a date with me tonight" i smirked.

"I guess if i have too" she groaned.

"Oh come on. You know you want to" i replied.

"Whatever you say" she put her hands up.

She grabbed a bowl and poured some cereal and milk.

"Are you sure your mom is okay with you always being over here" i asked.

"Yeah. She is always working so i have no where to go in the summer. Sometimes i go to my friends or camp, but now i'm old enough to stay home" she smiled.

"Okay good. I didn't want her to think i was hogging you all the time" i joked.

"No. She loves you" she laughed.

"Of course she does. What's not to love about this" i circled my face with my pointer finger and grinned.

"I don't know" she laughed.

It was already 12:00. Me and Nash were going to set up the date at 3:00, so we have enough time. Me, Nash, and Alyssa played video games for most of the time and watched TV.

When it was 3:00, i texted Lizzie, to ask Alyssa if she wanted to hang out. That way, me and Nash could set up the plan. Lizzie was in on the whole thing also.

Lizzie texted Alyssa saying lets go to the mall and hangout. She was going to say no because she was over my house, but I told her to go and i that I would see her soon. She gave in and left when Lizzie arrived.

"Okay, so first, we need christmas lights" i told Nash.

We went into the shed in the back yard and found them.

"Colored, or white" i asked.


"Okay. Now all we need is a blanket. Which one should we use" we were already back in the house with the lights.

"We can get the sheet off my bed" i said.

He agreed and we ran upstairs. I grabbed the navy blue sheet off my bed. We walked back downstairs and put the lights and sheet in the truck.

"Are we ready now" Nash asked.

"I think so. Let me just get a shirt and change my pants" i ran back up the stairs and grabbed my clothes.

I grabbed a white Nike shirt and dark colored jeans. I grabbed my socks, converse, and snapback. I got dressed and headed down stairs.

We had already told our mom and she said it was fine. We got in the truck and drove to the beach. When we got there, i laid down the sheet and Nash surrounded it with the lights. It looked perfect.


So this was kind of just a filler chapter. I promise the next chapter will be about the date. I know i keep doing Hayes's POV, but I need to for this. Thanks for 2.4K reads and 105 votes <3. Its 12:18 at night and i'm so tired 😩😴


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