Chapter 36

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*Hayes's POV*

"Fine" Alyssa gave in.

I was kind of happy to play.

"Okay. Truth or dare" I asked Alyssa.

"Truth i guess" she replied.

"Is it true you love me more than Nash" i asked her.

She looked at Nash and started laughing.

"No. I love Nash more" she smirked giving Nash a hug.

"Yeah okay" I smiled.

"Lizzie, truth or dare" she asked.

"Dare" Lizzie said narrowing her eyes.

"Good. I dare you too...too... call matt and tell him your breaking up with him" she told her.

Her face dropped like a phone. Which happens to mine a lot and I broke it 3 times.

"W-w-what w-why" she cried.

"It's just a dare. Calm down" Alyssa told her.

"And if your too chicken to do it, you have to jump in the pool with your clothes on" Nash told her.

"Fine. I'll call him" she got out her phone and called him.

We were all giggling as she put him on speaker.

"Hey babe. I uh, have some bad news" she spoke into the phone.

"What is it" he asked.

"We need to break up" she practically whispered.

"What? Why? Did I do something wrong" he asked.

"No no. It's not tha-" and then we cut her off.

"AAHHHH. WE GOT YOU" we all yelled into the phone besides Lizzie.

"What? What the heck are you talking about" he angrily asked.

"We dared Lizzie to call you and break up with you. And she did. And now we are telling you" Nash told him.

"You guys are jerks" he said before hanging up the phone.

"Guys. What the heck. Now he's probably never going to talk to me again" Lizzie groaned while calling Matt back.

She walked out of the room and talked to him. A couple minutes later, she walked back in and sat down.

"It's okay guys. He still likes me" she told us.

We all started laughing but i don't think she thought it was funny.

"Whats so funny" she asked us.

"Nothing. Let's just keep playing the game" Alyssa giggled.

We played the game for another hour and then decided to go to bed. We were all sleeping over Alyssa's house that night. We grabbed blankets and pillows off Alyssa bed and headed down stairs. Once we got downstairs, we set up the blankets.

"So what do you want to do know" i asked.

"Let's rent a movie" Alyssa suggested.

We all agreed and picked out a movie. We watched Now You See Me. The girls wanted to see it, so me and Nash gave in. Me and Alyssa cuddled on the couch and Morgan and Nash cuddled on a blanket on the floor. Lizzie sat on the other side of the couch curled up in a ball.

When it was over we decided to tell scary stories.

"Ooooooo. Can I go first" Alyssa pleaded.

"Yeah. Just calm down first. You don't want to get to riled up" Morgan laughed.

"Okay. One time, this girl was in school. She was taking a test and she thought she was doing really good. Well the next day she got it back, and she got a D" Alyssa said.

"What was that" Nash asked her confused.

"That was my scary story" she told him.

"That was the crappiest scary story i have ever heard" Lizzie said laughing at her.


Alyssa was the type of girl who got A's and B's in school. Me on the other hand. I was a C, B, and D student. That takes skills.

"Alright. I'll go now. So this babysitter was baby sitting kids one time and she had just put them to sleep. She was looking for one of the kids toys and there was a statue of a creepy clown in the parents bedroom. So she called the parents and asked if she could cover it up with a blanket. The parents told her that they didn't have a clown statue. Then the clown killed her, and she died. The end" i smiled.

They were all starring at me with wide eyes and white faces, besides Nash. He was the one to tell me that story.

"Is that true" Lizzie asked.

"Yes" I leaned in by her face saying it.

"WHY WOULD YOU TELL ME THAT STORY" she screamed at me.

"Lizzie, be quiet. My mom is probably home from work by now" Alyssa slapped her arm.

"OW. Well it's not my fault Hayes told me that true scary story" Lizzie said rubbing her arm in the spot Alyssa slapped her.

"I was just joking. It's not true you scaredy cat" i told her.

She got really mad. I thought she was going to punch me.

"You know what Hayes Grier, your mean" she mumbled through clenched teeth.

"Why thank you" i smiled.


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