Chapter 35

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*Alyssa's POV*

~second day of MagCon ended~

"Are you happy to be going home" i asked looking at Hayes.

"Yeah" he smiled looking back at me.

"Good" i kissed him.

"Woah. We just sat down on the plane and your already kissing. Gosh" Nash scoffed.

Morgan kissed him and smirked, "look now we are"

Me and Hayes laughed. Nash just stood there in shock.

"Eww Nash. PDA" Hayes laughed.

Nash shot him a glare and he quickly shut up, but turned to me and started laughing.

The plane took off and I got my earbuds out of my carry on. I put them in, leaned back, and closed my eyes.

After 3 songs, i felt Hayes moving in his seat, but didn't think anything of it. I forgot about it and keep listening to my music.

As the song Tiësto by Wasted ft. Matthew Koma started, I felt my earbud falling out. I quickly put my hand to my ear to try and catch it. But instead of catching my earbud, i caught a hand. I quickly opened my eyes and turned my head. Hayes was looking at me with a scared expression.

"Um. What are you doing" i laughed.

"I uh, was just" he removed his hand from my ear.

"Do you want to listen to music too" I asked him.

"Yes please" he sheepishly smiled.

"You know, you could have just asked. I would have let you listen" i laughed.

"Yeah, but i thought you were asleep so you wouldn't notice and i wouldn't have to wake you up" he said as i handed him an earbud.

"One thing you should know about me is that i never sleep on planes" i informed him.

"Well you slept on the plane last time when we went to New Jersey" he told me.

"I was really tired and that was a once in a lifetime chance" I leaned back into my seat again.

"Oh i see" Hayes leaned back too.

We listened too my songs until Hayes took my phone.

"Hayes what are you doing" i complained.

"Just wait" he replied.

I waited until a song i didn't know came on. I listened too it and it was pretty good. I peeked over at Hayes and saw what the song was. It was Hustle by Antiserum & Mayhem.

He played a couple more songs of his choice and then handed me back my phone.

The rest of the plane ride was short. Once we landed, we had to stay in the airport and look for Hayes's mom.

"I don't see her. Do you" Nash asked Hayes.

"No" he replied still looking.

"There she is" Nash laughed and pointed.

We grabbed our bags and headed towards her.

"Did you guys have fun" she smiled.

"Yeah" we all replied.

"Thats great" she put our bags in the trunk.

We piled into the car and headed home. We all sang off key on the ride home but Elizabeth didn't mind. Once we got home, we all went to my house.

"So what do you guys want to do" I asked them sitting on my bed.

"Let's play truth or dare" Nash smirked.

"Again" I whined.

"Yes" Morgan answered.

"Fine" i gave in.


I know this might be short and i left you on a little of a cliff hanger. Thank you for 5.2k reads 😁🎉 I'll probably update soon again <3


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