Chapter 38

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*Hayes's POV*

I woke up and Alyssa was still laying on my chest sleeping. I looked around the room and only a little light was shining in. I saw that Nash, Morgan, and Lizzie weren't down here. I was debating wether i should wake her up or not. So I did.

"Alyssa" i whispered in her ear, "wake up"

Her eyes slowly opened and she was staring up at me. She looked like a little kid.

"Do I have to get up" she yawned.

"Well no but nobody else is down here and i'm going upstairs. So you would be all alone" I told her.

"Then i'm getting up" she said standing up.

"Good" i smiled and grabbed her hand.

We went upstairs to see everybody in the kitchen eating breakfast.

"Your mom just left a minute ago" Nash said shoving cereal in his mouth.

"Oh what did she say" Alyssa asked.

"She said she had to run to work. We told her we would be fine here alone" Morgan told her.

"Cool" Alyssa replied grabbing a bowl and pouring some milk and cereal.

"What are we going to do today" Lizzie asked.

"We should go swimming" I said.

"Yeah. But me and Lizzie don't have bathing suits" Morgan frowned.

"You can borrow mine. Were the same size. And Nash and Hayes could just run over to there house" Alyssa smiled.

"Okay" Morgan put her bowl in the sink and sat back down.

We all got up and put our bowls in the sink and went our separate ways. Alyssa, Morgan, and Lizzie went upstairs to get changed, and me and Nash went home to get changed.

"We will see you in a minute" Nash yelled as we left Alyssa's house.

We walked across the lawn to our house. Our mom was home with Skylynn.

"Hey boys" Mom said when we rented the house.

"Hi mom" i replied.

"Were going swimming at Alyssa's so we had to get changed" Nash told her.

"Oh thats nice" she smiled.

We went upstairs and grabbed our bathing suits. Nash was wearing black swim trunks with a white outline and I was wearing red ones with a black outline.

"Ready" Nash asked me.

"Yeah" i replied.

We walked down stairs and said goodbye to our mom.

"Be careful" she warned.

"We will" Nash answered.

We ran back over to Alyssa's and rang the doorbell. Alyssa answered the door and let us come in. She was wearing a teal bikini with a light green mesh pattern in the middle of the top. It looked really good.

"I like that bathing suit on you" i hugged her.

"Thank you" she smiled.

Morgan was wearing a white bikini with black polka dots and Lizzie was wearing a pink bikini.

"Ready to go" Morgan asked getting off the couch.

"Yeah. Let me just grab towels" Alyssa told us.

She left the door way and went into the back room. She came back with 5 towels for us.

"Lets go" Nash yelled.

We all ran into the backyard. I picked Alyssa up and threw her over my shoulder.


I was about to throw Alyssa into the pool when I got another idea.

"Like this" i said.


I know this might be a little shorter than the other ones but i just wanted to write so i updated. Thank you for 6.3k. I'll try to update soon <3


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