Chapter 6

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*Alyssa POV*

"Really?!" i almost screamed while a smile grew on my face.

"Yeah. And I want to get to know you better and then maybe, just maybe, we can be more then friends" Hayes smirked.

Oh my gosh. I almost just had a heart attack. Hayes Grier pretty much just said it was good that I liked, which could mean he likes me back. The Hayes Grier. I really couldn't believe what I was hearing. We kinda just stood there smiling at each other.

"Okay. Okay enough with the lovey dovey stuff. Can we start a game now?" Nash whined bouncing the basketball.

"WAIT" Lizzie screamed.

"What?" we all said.

"Are you friends with Matthew Espinosa?" she asked Nash.

"Oh boy here we go" i mumbled under my breath.

"Yeah." Nash said with an uneasy tone.

"AAAHHHHHH. Can you pleassssseeeeee please please introduce me to him? Or like invite him over your house one time and then me and Alyssa could come over and meet him?" Lizzie screamed jumping up and down.

"Oh i see whats going on. You like Matt" Nash giggled.

"No. She doesn't just like him. She has an obsession with him." I told him.

"Haha. Okay. I'll text him today and see if he can hang out tomorrow. Now let's get to the game." Nash told her.

"Okay. And then after I have to tell you about my other friends" i said walking out of the house.

"Why?" Nash asked.

"Well because one of them has a crush on you and the other one has a crush on Cam" I said.

"Yayayayayay" Nash sang jumping around.

"Okay. Let's start the game people. I'm gonna beat you!" Lizzie yelled.

"Yeah yeah. Let's just see how good you are" Nash laughed.

We played basketball for awhile. It was me and Nash against Hayes and Lizzie. Me and Nash won.

"Thats not fair. Nash is tall" Lizzie pouted.

"Well Hayes is taller then both of you" Nash pointed to me and Lizzie.

"Yeah but not as tall as you" she replied.

Nash's phone buzzed. He ran over to it and unlocked it.

"Well tomorrow we can have a rematch. And you can verse matt" Nash smiled.

"OH MY GOSH!!! YYAAAAAA" Lizzie screamed.

"So what do you wanna do now?" i said.

"I don't know. Do you wanna watch a movie?" Nash asked.

"YES" Lizzie replied.

We all laughed at her response. We decided to go back to my house and watch movies. It was only 2:00 so we could watch a bunch of movies. It was the beginning of summer so we could stay up late and do things.

I think i just became friends with the Grier's.


I'll probably be writing more tonight or tomorrow. I hope you guys like it.


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