Chapter 21

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*Hayes's POV*

When we got to the mall, it wasn't that crowded. Nash had met one of his friends their and went shopping with him. Me and Alyssa stayed together though.

"HAYES! Can we please please please go to bath & body works? I really need this body spray. I'm almost out of it" she begged me.

It was kind of funny and cute because I would have said yes. She didn't have to beg me.

"Of course" i smiled.

She looked confused but happy.

"Thank you thank you THANK YOU. I thought you were going to say no because it was too girly" she laughed.

"What? I would never, babe. I love bath & body works. They have that hand sanitizer for men that smells REALLY good. I smell fabulous" i said sassily.

We both laughed and walked in the store. She picked out her spray and we went to pay.

"WAIT. You almost forgot your 'man' hand sanitizer" she laughed.

"Oh yeah" I ran to go get it and grabbed it. I handed it to her and she handed it to the lady.

When we walked through the exit, she stopped dead in her tracks. She was looking straight. I followed her gaze and saw a group of guys walking.

"Wh-Who is that" i asked.

"T-thats m-my ex b-boyfriend" she stuttered.

Her face was now pale and she looked like she was going to puke.

"Which one?" i asked with anger rising in me.

"T-the one in m-middle" she stuttered again.

I looked and saw a guy with blonde short hair and a deep jaw line(picture him as Josh Hutcherson). He was fooling around with the guys and laughing.

He looked over at us and said something to the guys and started walking over to us. I clenched Alyssa's hand tighter.

"Alyssa! I haven't seen you in so long" he smiled. He embraced her in a hug that lasted for a while until I coughed.

"Oh sorry. I'm Jack. Me and Alyssa dated before" he smiled and looked at Alyssa.

"I've heard a little about you. I'm Hayes, Alyssa's boyfriend" i replied firmly.

His smile quickly faded. I could see him tense up and i think he felt uncomfortable and a little awkward. That was a good sign for me.

"Oh sorry about that" he apologized.

"Its okay" i stated.

"I should be going my friends are waiting. Text me some time" he told Alyssa and walked away. We looked at each other for a second and than started laughing.

"Did you see his reaction when you said you were my boyfriend? That was priceless" she laughed.

"That was pretty funny. See? I can protect you" i reassured her smiling.

"I guess you can Grier" she smiled.


I know i haven't updated in awhile so here it is. I hope you guys like it. Thank you for 1.2k reads 😭 It means a lot. Thanks for voting. Ily


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