Chapter 45 (the end)

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*Hayes's POV*

~end of summer~

I'm so glad that me and Alyssa are together. We've been a couple this whole summer. Even though we've had ups and downs, we got past them. Thats what I love about our relationship. If we get into fights, we will apologize to each other and make up. Her and Cam became best friends since Alyssa got into that accident. I'm okay with it because he's like her brother.

Me, Nash, Cam, and Alyssa hang out a lot together and sometimes Matt, Lizzie, and Morgan join us. We're like a big family that can never break.

School starts tomorrow and i'm nervous and excited. Alyssa introduced me to a bunch of people and I know Alyssa, Morgan, and Lizzie already, so I should be good. I signed up for football already and practices and games start soon. I hope i make friends on that too.

*Alyssa's POV*

Its the end of summer. Yuck. It went by so fast. I'm so glad i met Hayes and Nash. They became like my best friends. Besides Morgan and Lizzie of course. I wasn't really looking forward to school, but I was looking forward to the soccer games and Hayes's football games. Davidson Day all the way.

Me and Cam best friends from the incident. We all hang out together. I didn't really make that many friends over the summer, but i like the friends I have anyways. I don't need anymore.

The whole 'group' went on kind of a vacation together. We all went to the beach one day. It was a lot of fun. We mostly hung out in my pool or the town pool.

I did go penny-boarding again. I'm actually really good at it. Hayes taught me everything i needed to know about it. Like stopping and turning. That might have been important before. When ever we need to go somewhere, we penny-board there. I got my own too. Its white with pink accents on it. The board is white and so is everything else, except the wheels and screws.

This summer was one of the best i ever had.

*Nash's POV*

I was really happy we actually moved to North Caroline. I mean, we met so many new people. Especially Morgan and Alyssa. Of course we met Lizzie too and it was a good thing. Before we left, I was a little sad to be leaving but it turned out to be a good thing.

I've seen Matt more because we live closer to him now. I mean, i don't see him every day. Usually, i'll see him once or twice a week. Lizzie and Matt are still dating and there going strong still. I guess there really good at long distance relationships. I wouldn't do well in long distance relationships at all.

*Cameron's POV*

I've started doing modeling over the summer and its been pretty good. I made a lot of money by doing this. Nash did a photo shoot with me once and we fooled around the whole time. We've got a lot more famous on vine and stuff like that. We actually just got signed to do a movie. I'm really excited for it.

Me and Alyssa are really close now. I still like her but not as much as before. I mean I like her a lot, but its not liking her as my girlfriend. I like her a lot as my friend. Its kind of confusing our relationship but we're just friends.


Well this is the end of the book. I know its sad. And this is like the worst ending ever. I just felt my book wasn't going anywhere so i decided to need it. But this chapter is like a narrative chapter to sum it all up. And its like all there POVs. But i'm going to be writing another book soon. Its going to be a Nash fan fic. I didn't start it yet but I will soon. I'll tell you what it is on here. Thank you for 9.2K reads<333333


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