Chapter 11

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*Alyssa's POV*

I stopped dead in my tracks. Lizzie just asked me if Hayes and i were a thing. To be honest, i didn't really know my self.

"I guess we are. I mean. Not a big thing. But a thing" i replied blushing.

"Awww. Thats so cute. Congrats"

"Haha. Thanks. And what about you and Matt" i smirked nudging her. She blushed instantly.

"Well the other night-"

"STOP" I screamed not wanting to know what happened.

"What?" she asked confused

"I don't wanna know what happened that night"

"Oh you think- haha. Fine"

"Yeah. Come on. We have to hurry the boys will be up soon" i said grabbing her hand and pulling her in my room.

"Oh yeah. And what about morgan?" she asked picking out clothes.

"She'll be home at 12:00"

"Okay good. What about this" she held up jean shorts and a tank top.

"Yeah it looks fine. Now let's go"

I grabbed my house key and locked the door.

When we got back to the Grier's, the boys were still sleeping.

"There still sleeping" i questioned Mrs. Grier.

"Yeah. But this is normal. You can wake them up if you want" she told us. Me and Lizzie got the same huge grin.


We headed down stairs and thought of how to wake them up. We were going to smack cam Matt and Hayes. We decided not do it to Nash because, who was going to record it.

We tip toed over to Nash and shook him to walk him up and told him our plan. He agreed with it and got his phone.

Nash ran back up stairs and grabbed pickles and whip cream. This was going to be good.

Lizzie and i set up the ingredients and mixed it on our hands. Nash set up the camera and the plan was ready. We got into position right above their faces.

"3" i whispered.


"1" we both said.

I smacked Hayes in the face and Lizzie smacked Matt in the face.

They both woke up and were startled. Me, Lizzie, and Nash were on the floor laughing so hard.

"Haha. Very funny" Hayes said.

"Lizzie, i thought you loved me" Matt pouted.

"I do babe" she gave Matt a kiss on the cheek, hugged him, and sat on his lap.

"Yeah. I thought you loved me" Hayes mimicked but asked me.

"Nope" i smiled.

He folded his arms and put out his lip.

"Fine. Maybe a little" i said.

"Yay" he yelled. He ran over to me, now that I was leaning on the couch, and hugged me. I hugged him back of course.

We went up stairs so the boys could eat.

"Did you have a good time being woken up? I saw the pickles and whip cream go down. I hope you didn't make a mess" she warned.

"Yeah. Me and Matt got smack cammed. And no. We didn't make a mess" Hayes replied.


"It was really funny. And I got it on video" Nash laughed.

We all laughed at that. The boys all grabbed a plate of food and started eating.

I wonder what were going to be doing to day? Morgan is coming in an hour and i never told her about Nash.

This should be good


Hey guys. So i just wanted to update for you. I'll probably be updating this weekend for you guys. Thanks SO much for 275 reads. That's amazing. You guys are the best.


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