Chapter 43

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*Nash's POV*

I was speechless. Cam and Alyssa were practically making out. Right in front of me. Right in front of Hayes. And it was so wrong. They shouldn't be together. Her and Hayes should be together. Not her and Cam. I have to help Hayes.

I cleared my throat. They stopped kissing and looked at me.

"Sorry to interrupt but, we need to talk" i said looking at Cam.

"Okay" Cam put Alyssa down and came by me.

"Hayes" Hayes came by us too, "Alyssa, stay here"

"Okay" she seemed okay with with the situation.

I walked upstairs and Hayes and Cam followed. Hayes didn't say anything, he just looked angry. I decided to break the silence.

"Look Cam. Alyssa is dating Hayes. Not you. You can't just kiss her because she thinks your her boyfriend. Thats wrong. She doesn't know" I said honestly looking at Cam.

"I know. I don't know what I was thinking. She was leaning in for a kiss and I didn't want to hurt her. Right now she thinks i'm her boyfriend. I didn't want her to think that her boyfriend doesn't like her" he was talking with his hands and I could see his jaw clenching up.

"Well can we all go down there and explain everything to her" i asked them.

"Yeah" Cam started walking down stairs.

"I promise i'll make this right. Right now, this is totally wrong" i told Hayes.

"Thanks" he smiled a little looking up at me.

"Your my little bro. I have to make this right" I smiled hugging him.

He hugged me back and we went downstairs.

Cam and Alyssa were sitting on the couch.

"Alyssa. We have something to tell you" I looked at her sitting on the couch.

"Yeah. Its pretty important" Cam added.

"Yeah" she questioned.

"Well, you got hit by a car when you were penny-boarding. Thats why you were in the hospital. And you lost a little bit of your memory. But the point of this was, you forgot you who your dating" i was fiddling with my hands.

I don't think anybody would want to tell somebody this. I really hoped it wasn't me. Cam should be telling her this.

"No i didn't. I'm dating Cameron" she scrunched her eyebrows together in stubbornness.

"But your really not" Cam finally said, "your dating Hayes"

"That's why he called you 'babe' at the hospital" I said.

"I can't believe this is happening" she put her head in her hands, "so i'm not dating Cam. I'm dating Hayes"

"Yeah" Hayes spoke up.

"Well i'm really sorry i don't remember this. I'm sorry Hayes" she apologized.

"Its okay" Hayes smiled.

Cam didn't look like he was paying attention. It was really weird. He looked like he was in deep thought.

"So, will you be my girlfriend? Again" Hayes asked her.

"Yes. Of course" she laughed and hugged him.

I sighed in relief. I was glad that Hayes and Alyssa were back together. But something was off with Cam. He wasn't acting normal at all.

"I'm going to get a drink" Cam said and walked upstairs.

"I'll be right back" i said following Cam.

Once i got upstairs, i stopped.

"Dude, whats wrong" i asked him.

"Nothing" he mumbled looking down.

"Something's up man" I grabbed his forearm and turned him around.

"Just forget about" he said shaking his arm out of my grip.

"Listen. I've known you for a long time. Were practically brothers. I know when something's wrong with you" I said looking at him.

"Alright fine. The thing is i like Alyssa. And when she thought I was her boyfriend, I was so happy. Thats why I kissed her back. I know I can never have her now because shes with Hayes" he angrily almost yelled.

I was speechless, again. I didn't even know what to do now. I couldn't help Cam with his problem.

"I'm so sorry. If I knew that-" he cut me off.

"Save it. I know what your going to say. Your going to say there's other people it there for me. Well you know what, Alyssa was different" he finished.

"Listen. I can't help you with this. Can you just be friends with her for now" I asked him.

"Yeah sure. Whatever. I'll put on a fake smile and pretend everything is fine when its not. I should get going anyways. It's getting late. I'll talk to you tomorrow" he grabbed his jacket and left.

I walked back downstairs. Alyssa and Hayes were sitting on the couch. Hayes's arm was around her and Alyssa head was in the crook of his neck.

"Where did Cam go" Hayes asked as I sat on the couch.

"He had to go" I told him.

"Oh" Alyssa replied.

"Yeah" I shrugged, "i think he said he'll be back tomorrow"

"Okay" Hayes said continuing to watch the TV.

It was kind of awkward after that, but I guess after what just happened, it should be.


I feel bad again for writing this, but the truth can hurt sometimes. Thank you for 8.3k reads. Digifest is Saturday and my birthday is Sunday (same as Hayes's AHHH) so I might not be updating this weekend. I'll try and update soon though <3


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