Chapter 31

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*Alyssa's POV*

He flipped his hair. My weakness. I just died on the inside. I tried to look away but i couldn't. I guess he noticed.

"What is it with you and my body" he smirked.

"What? Nothing" i blushed.

"Come on. I know you like my muscles" he flexed.


"Stop doing that" I laughed.

"I was right. Alright. I'm sorry" he hugged me.

And then dragged me towards the water.

"Hayes stop" he picked me up bridal style until he was waste deep in the water.

I was clinging to him now. I really did not want to go in this way.

"Hayes, don't you dare drop me" i warned.

"Why not" he pretended to drop me and i let out a little scream.

"Because i don't want to go in this way"

"Alright fine" he turned around to go out of the water.

Of course he had to dip my butt in before he left.

"HAYES. ITS COLD" I screamed punching him.

"Owww. I might just have to throw you in now" he smirked.

"Hayes please don't. I'll do anythi-" oh crap, why did I say that i'd do anything?

"Ohhh. Let me think about what you should do" he said.

"Please nothing bad" i whispered to myself.

"Alright you have to come under the water with me" he finally told me.

Oh. That wasn't so bad. I thought he was going to say like go swim to where you can't reach the bottom anymore.

"Okay" we got back to the sand and he put me down.

"Are you ready to go in now Princess" he asked me.

"Yes" I laughed running into the water.

He was still standing there when I got into the water. I guess he was shocked that I went in that easily. I like the water. I just don't like people throwing me in the water.

"Are you going to stare at me or come in the water with me? I still have to go underwater with you for some reason" i said.

He smiled and came running in the water, splashing me.

"Uhhhh. Hayes. You splashed me" i laughed.

"Alright. Now you have to come underwater with me" he said taking both my hands.

"Okay. What are we going to do" i questioned.

To be honest, i kind of had an idea but I wasn't sure. A lot can happen underwater you know.

"You'll see. On the count of three" he told me.


We went underwater. My eyes were closed because then my eyes would be all red and burning.

Hayes was still holding my hands. I didn't know what he was going to do.

Suddenly, I felt the water moving and i felt something touch my lips. At first i thought it was a fish. But then I realized it was Hayes. We went back above the water.

"That was it" i questioned him panting.

"For now" he smirked.

We walked out of the water and dried off. We laid on the sand, looking up at the stars.

"Hey Alyssa, can I ask you something" he asked not looking at me.

"Yeah sure" i replied.

"So i uh, wanted to know, if you um, wanted to go with me, to MagCon" he turned towards me.

Did he really just ask me? Out of all the people he could ask? I was shocked. I have always wanted to go to MagCon and meet all the boys. I was so happy. I didn't actually know what to say.

"Yes" i practically screamed.

"Good" he sighed in relief.

"I have always wanted to go to MagCon and meet you and the bod and Mahogany and oh my god i can't believe it. When is it" i rambled.

"Its in 2 weeks" he replied.

"Can I bring a couple friends" i asked.


"Lizzie and morgan" i told him.

"Nash and Matt were already going to ask them so don't say anything" he smiled.

Oh my god. I'm going to MagCon with 2 of my best friends. I can't believe it.

"Thank you so much" i hugged him tightly.

"Your welcome" he said kissing my forehead.


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