Chapter Twenty-Three: Coffee's and Rainbows

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Chapter Twenty-Three: Coffee’s and Rainbows

“From the top you two,” Sarah instructed to Gavin and I.

I let out a sigh, walking over to where Gavin was standing. “Can we please take a break? My feet are killing me,” I said complaining.

“Not until you two, get this part down. What is so hard, that you can’t do a simple eight count?” Sarah questioned looking at me.

“If it so easy how come I have to do it?” I retorted crossing my arms over my chest and huffing.

I know I sounded like I was a whiny baby, and I probably am. But, we’ve been at the same part for the last half an hour and I was becoming restless.

“Do you want to sing?” Sarah asked interrupting me from my thoughts.

“No,” I grumbled crossing my arms over my chest.

Since we were a group of three, we decided to do something a little different and giving the whole dance assignment our own touch on it. Sarah suggested that since it was an odd number that we would have two of us dancing while the other one sang. I was against that whole idea, at first cause I knew I would end up dancing with the bad boy himself. However, I was outnumbered.

“Good. From the top, please.” She said pointing at Gavin to get up from his position and the floor.

I stood next to Gavin placing one hand on my waist and the other hand on top of my head, as the beat of Paramore’s Ain’t it Fun blasted through the speakers.

As the song progressed I continued to do the dance moves that Sarah and Gavin had choreographed together. I tried to take part in it, but apparently I can’t dance and my ideas are lame- words of Gavin. So they decided to leave me out of it. I was a bit pissed off at first then I realized it meant less work for me.

“Where you’re from,” The singer’s voice blasted from the speakers. “You might be the one who’s running things,” I did the routine as I was told running up to Gavin and pushing on his chest. As he backed away once, then grabbing my hand and spinning me around. “Well you can ring anybody’s bell to get what you want.” The next verse was sang, as I pulled away from Gavin trying to escape from his embrace.

The story of the dance was basically about a boy- AKA Gavin, who only thought about himself. He was self-centred, selfish and impatient. He then on meets this girl AKA me, who basically gives him a reality check soon enough, he falls for her and wants her but she is giving him a run for his money and giving him a tough time. When Sarah first pitched the story to us, we thought we would be playing different roles but when she told us what Gavin’s role was, in the dance. I made a joke how he didn’t have to play a role for this dance, in return he gave me the finger.

“So what are you going to do when nobody wants to fool with you?” The next verse of the song rang out from the speakers.

“Cut!” Sarah said over the music waving her right hand up, her eyes directed at her phone, she then went over to the speakers turning off the music.

“What now?” Gavin asked, breathlessly. “I think that was the best one so far, considering Miss Two Left Feet, here didn’t fall once.”

I directed a glare at Gavin, “The other two weren’t my fault.”

Gavin raised his eyebrows at me, “Really? So you just happened to step on me three times, fall on me twice, and hit me in the face about a gazillion times.”

I let out a snort, “You are overreacting.” I said waving my hands dismissingly.

“And you are an accident waiting to happen, oh wait it already has.” Gavin retorted smugly.

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