Chapter Thirty-Six: Rainbow's Family Secret

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Chapter Thirty-Six: Rainbow’s Family Secret

“Could you please shut up?” I moaned, rolling over in my bed and cuddling into the warm hard object on my bed. I woke up the next day groaning and complaining. It wasn’t really anything new since I would usually wake up like this.

I snuggled in closer to the object the sounds of a bird chirping, getting me even more agitated. “Please could you shut it off, Melinda? Only five more minutes, I promise.”

When the alarm didn’t shut off or when I didn’t hear our housecleaner say anything in response, I opened up my eyes, as I found myself looking at Gavin’s sleeping face. “What the heck?”

I got up from my position, yesterday’s memories hitting me like a ton of bricks. I jammed my elbow into Gavin’s stomach hoping, by doing this it would get him awake.

When I got no response, I leaned over him climbing on top of him. As if I was straddling him, when I leaned over cupping my hands together, over his ears I opened my mouth, screaming at the top of my lungs.

Gavin jumped awake, pushing me off him as I landed on the hard cold floor of the back of the truck with a thud. “Ow…” I muttered.

I looked over at Gavin whose eyes were darting everywhere. “Why the heck would you wake someone up like that?” He asked, angrily.

“Seemed like the best idea considering you sleep like a rock.”

He narrowed his eyes at me, “I do not sleep like a rock.”

“Fine do you prefer a stone? Or better yet, do you prefer the comparison to Patrick the starfish?”

Gavin’s face scrunched up as he stood up, “Do you mean that pink idiot on SpongeBob?”

I gasped, “Who are you calling an idiot? Patrick is one of kind.”

Gavin nodded his head, “Yup. Definitely, one of a kind.” He muttered. “Kind of like another idiot I know.” He mumbled, to himself.

I narrowed my eyes at him, sticking out my tongue childishly.” I hope you are talking about yourself.”

Gavin just stared at me blankly, “I really need to find you a better nickname rather than nerd.”


“Because a) you don’t mind the name; b) you read and c) I was wrong you are nowhere near a nerd.” He said, grabbing the pillows and blankets and placing them back in the truck.

I raised my eyebrows, confused, “I hope you realize you just contradicted yourself with b and c, and reading doesn’t make someone a nerd.”

“Yeah, big glasses, braces and weird clothes do.” He responded, clearing off all the materials we used for yesterday.

“You are a judgemental asshole,” I muttered, to myself. Even though I said it, I did not want him to hear it because he will just pick a fight with me, and that isn’t something I needed at the moment.

I slid off the truck, pulling out my phone from my pocket as I unlocked it, looking through the ten text messages from my father asking my whereabouts, and one message from my mother saying be safe, adding a winky face at the end of the message.

I rolled my eyes, I found my mom so happy when I asked to hang out with a boy. She always seemed to hand me off immediately or fire questions at me, but because she was generally interested in my non-existent love life. But it wasn’t like I was going out with Ben or Gavin, considering those are the only two guys I actually went somewhere with alone…

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