Chapter Sixteen: Blackmails, Scoldings and Demons

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Chapter Sixteen: Blackmails, Scoldings and Demons

“Ali!” I heard someone shout my name I turned around as I saw Holly and Sarah in the distance running over to me; both there hands filled with shopping bags. “Where the hell have you been?” Sarah asked, slightly out of breath.

“I’ve been around.” I told them, truthfully.

Around?” Holly hissed at me, her eyes narrowed. “I thought you were kidnapped or something!” She screeched, grabbing the attention of near by shoppers.

“Oh, come on Holly let’s be rationale.” I said humorously, however, In return she glared at me. “I was in the build-a-bear workshop the whole time; where were you two?” I questioned.

“Looking for you!” She yelled, I raised my hands in surrender trying to calm my overdramatic cousin.

“Whatever.” She muttered, dropping the subject. “Just don’t do that again.” She warned, handing me some of the shopping bags I left on the floor of the workshop. 

After Gavin had lost Garrett again, we went over to the front desk of the build-a-bear workshop to find someone to help us find Garrett. The person who helped us was Hazel, yup the lady who thought I was a teen mother. She looked at me weirdly when we asked her if anyone had seen or reported a blue eyed, brown haired four year old boy. I am pretty sure she thought I was the mother of Garrett and was just lying earlier about not being a teen mom.

In the end we found Garrett at the dress up station, pissed was an understatement to what Gavin was. I am pretty sure he is considering getting Garrett a dog leash. But, we all know how that turned out when he lost his dog Kingston. So, a leash would be no help due to Gavin losing everything from dogs to children.

“So, where to next?” Sarah asked, interrupting my thoughts.

Just then my stomach grumbled. Holly and Sarah raised there eyebrows at me, I sheepishly shrugged. “How about the food court?”


Once we were done eating we called it a day and Holly drove Sarah and I back home. “You are coming tomorrow? Right?” Holly asked, putting the car in park.

I nodded grabbing my shopping bags and getting out of the car. “Yeah of course, tomorrow is the semi-finals I want to see Ashley’s butt get whooped.” I said, shutting the door.

She smiled, replying with a wave putting her car in drive and driving towards the gates. I looked at the house and noticed Thomas standing by the window. His eyes widening knowing that I had caught him staring he quickly disappeared away from the window closing the curtains.

“Need any help Miss?” A guard said, coming towards me.

I nodded my head handing him my shopping bags. “Yes, that would be great, thanks. If you don't mind taking it to my room?” He nodded, another guard opening the front door for us as we made our way in.

I thanked him once again turning the other way in search of Thomas. I wanted to know why he was staring at me or well Holly’s car in particular.

A few minutes later I found him in the kitchen where I assumed he would be. He was talking to Uncle Robbie who happens to be the Vice President. He and his wife Diane or Aunt Diane as Thomas and I called her also live in the Whitehouse with us, but sadly they had no kids.

“Alice!” He beckoned, patting to the seat next to him.

I smiled, taking a seat next to him. “Hey.” I said giving him a kiss on the cheek and a quick hug.

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