Chapter Twenty-One: No Artistic Vision

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Chapter Twenty-One: No Artistic Vision

“So whose house are we going to?” Gavin asked, taking a seat on the yoga mat that was placed on the floor.

“Why would we need to go to anyone’s house? All we have to do is get it done here, and then we wouldn’t need to go to anyone’s house.” I said, taking a seat across from him on the floor.

“Fine, whatever floats your boat.” Gavin said, laying back on the floor causing his shirt to ride up a little showing his tanned muscular stomach.

Why must all jerks be so toned and muscular?

“So where is little red?” Gavin asked, interrupting my thoughts.

I shrugged, pulling out my phone to check the time. “She said she is running a bit late but she should be here soon.” I said, scrolling through my messages looking over what Sarah texted me ten minutes ago.

We were currently in our school’s dance room. Mrs. Moore separated all groups, into different rooms so we could go ahead and get started on our dance, it was due after Spring Break. Which was two weeks away and we haven’t even started yet.

“What kind of dance do you want to do?” Gavin asked, interrupting my thoughts, “There’s lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, jazz-“

I waved my hand cutting him off, “How do you know the types of dances?” I questioned, curiously.

“Lucky guess?”

“The genres of dance isn’t something someone would guess, so either you did dance when you were younger or you are so smart about the dance world.” I said, giving him some suggestions of what I thought, “However, considering you are you I am going to go ahead and guess that the big bad Gavin did dance when he was younger.”

 “No I didn’t.” He said, lying.

“Yes you did!” I said grinning, “And considering you cheeks are flushed red, I know you are lying.”

“Fine I did dance,” He said, through his gritted teeth, “Happy?”

I nodded my head grinning at him, “Very.”

It was quiet for a few minutes, as I thought about Gavin’s little confession. I never knew someone like him would do such a thing. It didn’t seem like something he would do, but considering from my knowledge; Gavin did no extracurricular’s or sports, and he was in pretty good shape for someone who does nothing. So he probably does dance, but is embarrassed to admit it.

“The elf finally got her pot of gold,” I heard Gavin mutter.

“Elf’s work for Santa, I am pretty sure you mean leprechauns.” I said, correcting  him.

Gavin sat up from the yoga mat, directing a glare towards me, “Whatever.” He said, getting up.

I smiled at him, showing him my white teeth. “What are you doing?” I asked, as I watched him get up and stretch.

“Little Red is still not here, we have to start or else we would need to someone’s house to practice, and my house is definitely not an option.” He said stretching.

“Why?” I asked, getting up from the floor and copying his actions.

“It doesn’t matter, let’s just get this done with.” Gavin said, not pushing the topic any further.

I shrugged, dropping the topic. It seemed that he didn’t want to talk about it, and I just had to learn how to respect that. “Well, my house isn’t an option either.”

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