Chapter Thirty-Two: Hickeys and Bruises

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Chapter Thirty-Two: Hickeys and Bruises

Gavin’s POV

“Where is she?” I asked, looking down at my Garrett whose hand I was tightly holding. He had a habit of running off from me, and even though it got annoying at times, I really couldn’t figure a way to stop him from doing it.

Garrett shrugged his small shoulders, “I don’t know.” He said putting his hand in his mouth.

I squatted removing his hand from his mouth, “First rule.” I said to my brother who was looking at me with wide eyes. “If you ever want this girl to be your girlfriend, don’t stick your hand in your mouth.”

Garrett looked at me, his face scrunching up in distaste. “I don’t want her to be my girlfriend, girls have cuties.” He said stomping his foot.

I stood up, “Fine but don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.” I said muttering under my breath.

I brought Garrett to the park to meet one of his ‘friends’ but in my opinion it was really his girlfriend. He just did not know it yet, every week Garrett would come home asking me to take him to the park to meet his ‘friends’. However it got to the point where I began to realize it was a different girl every week. I swear, I think he was catching on to my habits because very soon he will be breaking hearts everywhere he goes. Not that he wasn’t doing it now.

“Garrett, do you think that’s her over there?” I said pointing to the little blonde girl holding a ladies hand, they were scoping the park and my best guess was that it was Garrett’s ‘friend’.

I looked to my left and saw the spot empty next to me, “Shit. Shit. Shit,” I swore spinning looking for my brother, “I swear to fucking God Garrett,” I muttered, scanning the area for a bright blue eyes four almost five year old. When I didn’t see him panic began to rise within me, as I broke into a slow jog.

I continued to jog through the park as I scanned the area. I stopped running for a moment when I noticed a little boy, talking to two people. As I got closer I realized that it was Garrett, I began to jog quicker this time.

“Garrett,” I muttered under my breath as I caught up to him. I let out a sigh, opening my mouth to thank the two strangers for not running off with him. “Ali?” I said confused, “What are you doing here,” I then looked over at the person next to her. “With him?” I said in distaste.

Ali looked in confusion as she looked at all three of us who was waiting patiently for an answer, “Oh shit.” I heard her mutter.

“That’s a bad word,” My brother said, speaking up.

I crossed my arms, ignoring Garrett. “Aren’t you going to answer my question?”

She ran her fingers through her brown locks as she looked at all of us in frustration. She seemed to be having an inner battle within her, “I-I don’t.” She began.

“She doesn’t have to answer to you,” I heard Ben mutter who was glaring at me.

A small smirk began to form on my face. I knew that look anywhere, he always use to give me that look whenever I interrupted something important. “Did I interrupt something Benji?”

He narrowed his eyes at me, “Actually you did.” He said to me taking a step towards me.

I chuckled, He was trying to act tough around Ali but I knew he was actually a real pussy. I noticed his arm was in a sling I looked back at Ben, “Let me guess?” I said nodding to his broken arm, “You fell down the stairs?” I said chuckling. “You always were the clumsy, pudgy kid growing up.”

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