Chapter Seventeen: Lost Winners

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Chapter Seventeen: Lost Winners

“I am wet, cold, hungry and I am pretty sure there is something in my shoe.” I complained, wrapping my arms around myself in order to keep myself warm.

I heard Gavin grunt, “Could you please shut up? I am trying to concentrate.”

I sighed, falling onto the floor beside his beside his truck. Confused? Well let me start from the beginning.

*Thirteen hours ago.

“Oh, would you look at that Medusa has finally woken.” Thomas said, looking at me in amusement.

I ignored him, taking a seat down across from him. “Shut up.”

“Well excuse me for speaking the truth.” He grumbled, taking a bite from his cereal.

“Well I wouldn't have looked like this if someone hadn't left me with fifteen kids yesterday,” I muttered.

“There was a reason why I did. And anyways, it wasn't so bad.”

“Wasn't so bad?” I asked, letting out a humorous laugh. “It was terrible, you didn't see what I went through! Those kids, there animals!” I exclaimed, pounding my fist on the table.

“I think you mean demons.” Thomas corrected.

I rolled my eyes, keeping quiet. I had a headache and if I kept arguing with Thomas I knew it was just going to get worse.

“You’re a terrible brother,” I murmured, under my breath.

After Thomas had left me with those kids yesterday I swear to God they just got more hyper. They were running around, fighting with one another and some even tried to leave. But, thank God I got to them before then or else it could have been even more chaotic than it already was. Once I finally got the kids calmed down and it took a good twenty minutes to do so. I suggested reading a fun book or even taking a nap, but the kids automatically turned that idea down.

After relentless arguing with the kids, we finally came to conclusion to play a game. One of the older kids suggested to play hide n’ seek and all the kids agreed. I let the kids out of the room to go and hide we did have a few ground rules but thankfully all the kids abided by them and listened. In the end I found all the kids and by the time we were done hide n’ seek, all the kids were worn out and passed out, myself included.

 “Wow, you look terrible.” Uncle Robbie said, walking into the kitchen his eyes widened.

“So I have been told.” I muttered, stuffing a spoonful of Frosted Flakes into my mouth.

“So, did you have fun yesterday?” Uncle Robbie said taking a sip of his coffee.

“Loads,” I said, sarcastically.

“Well, I am glad you had fun, we should do it again. This time when you’re parents are here.” I rolled my eyes, it seemed Uncle Robbie didn't catch onto my sarcasm.

It was quiet for a few minutes, until I decided to speak up. “Well, I am done.” I said wiping my mouth with the back of my hand.

“Have fun at school,” Uncle Robbie said, his eyes glued to the paper.

I nodded getting up from my chair and giving a quick kiss to his cheek and ruffling Thomas’ hair. “Watch it,” Thomas barked at me, his hands going over to fix his hair.

I waved goodbye heading towards the front door, were I left my bag and shoes. Today was the last round of the talent show, Sarah was in the last round and I was kind of excited. I didn't know what song she was singing because she claimed that it was a surprise.

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