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"Gavin," I hissed, "can you please stop for like five seconds?"

He gave me a smirk, his face inches away from mine. "One... Two... Three..."

I narrowed my eyes, "I didn't mean it literally, moron." I muttered, shoving his face away from mine.

He chuckled, as he began to draw circles on my thigh. I guess it was a lot better than having him feel up my leg.

I grabbed his hand, entwining his with my very own. "You're a loser, you know that right?" I said, softly staring at his face.

He gave me a smile in return, "one of us has to be the loser in this relationship."

I let out a chuckle, after four years with this loser. There isn't a day where it would pass by without having Gavin making me laugh or smile.

I watched silently, as he interacted with Thomas. Both of them laughing at something one of them had said.

I bit my red nails as I stared around the room. We were at the inaugural luncheon that happened when a new president was welcomed into office.

Believe it or not after the eight years were up for my father and he couldn't run anymore. The next four years in office is believe it or not Uncle Robbie. Yeah, the one who was my father's VP when he was in term. Well, he decided to run and surprisingly he won. So he decided to run again in the 2018 election and I guess people still liked him so he is still in office for the next four years.

And yes, we are thinking about the same guy who used to come downstairs dressed in a bathrobe and ate frootloops and chatted with Thomas about the latest cartoon show. I'll bet you one million dollars that he still does the same thing, minus the Thomas part.

As for my father he decided to settle down, kind of.

Instead of running for VP, he ran for Governor. My father couldn't go very long without running for some kind of political election. So he was now the Governor of Virginia.

My mom was still the same, running her fashion line. While Thomas now fourteen years old was in ninth grade, he attended the local public school and surprisingly he wasn't a big deal. He actually was a big nerd, but I think we all saw that one coming.

As for Ricky he was now the bodyguard of Uncle Robbie. His position hasn't changed and neither has his personality.

As for Gavin and I, we were still the same. I ended up going to the University of Virginia gaining a degree in Social Work. It was kind of last minute in what I wanted to do, but my mother helped me pick. And since I loved working with children, opposite to Thomas. We both found that this was a career that I would enjoy.

Gavin did two years of business school gaining a degree, in order to help him manage the dance studio he is working on. It's in the works of repairs and will be opened to the public in two months.


I turned to face Gavin, giving him my undivided attention.

"Want to go dance?" he said, jerking his head to the dance floor.

There wasn't many people on it, so I complied standing up and making my way towards the dance floor hand in hand.

We didn't say much, our arms finding their way to the respected dance position.

My stomach was in knots, not just because I watched my brother eat a six pound steak. But, it was because I was keeping something from Gavin. And to be honest, I just didn't know how to tell him.

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