Chapter Fifty-Four: Graduation Celebrations

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Gavin protests his love for Alice outside the gates of the Whitehouse, Holly comes back and things are finally beginning to look up for the broken cousin relationship, Ben and Gavin also seem to have fixed there previous issues with one another and Mr. President learns to accept that his daughter will not give up her fight, for the boy that she's in love with.

Chapter Fifty-Four: Graduation Celebrations

"When I was picked to be this year's valedictorian, I was beyond overwhelmed. I had no idea what to say, but then I watched a show of Ellen and the ideas started flowing in." I let out a few laughs, along with the crowd. Her red hair was styled into a bob, showing off her strong jawline.

Xenia or X, as she introduced herself was beginning to wrap up her speech. I remember her from my Math class, she was the one who was seated next to Ben. I never really talked to her, but hearing her talk now. Made me realize why she was picked to be valedictorian, she is obviously smart, but she has a certain spark in her eyes.

Kind of similar to the one I see in Thomas' eyes when he beats his old record of how many pancakes he could consume.

"Ellen DeGeneres once said; follow your passion, stay true to yourself and never follow someone else's path. Unless you're in the woods and you're lost and you see a path. By all means, you should follow that." I smiled, I enjoyed hearing her talk. "Congratulations class of 2014." X said, waving to the crowd, heading off stage as she concluded her speech.

"Is it done yet?" Thomas whispered, from beside me.

I rolled my eyes, this was like his fifth time asking me. I turned to him, grabbing his iPod out of his hand, "If you were to watch what was going on maybe you would know."

Thomas glared at me in return, as I pocketed his device. I wasn't quite sure why he came to Gavin's graduation, however as we entered the auditorium I noticed how Thomas was eyeing the foods table and it was now starting to make sense.

"Why can't you just be like Garrett?" I muttered, my arms wrapped around the four year old who was seated on my lap.

"Because I am not four and I don't get amused by shiny things." Thomas fired back, eyeing my bracelet Garrett was playing with.

"Could you two quit your bickering?" Ricky asked, shushing us. "People are beginning to stare."

They were already staring the moment we arrived onto the football field, where this year's graduation was taking place- due to the amount of people that attended. They couldn't fit everyone into the school's gym, plus they were too cheap to rent out a good place. Holly and Sarah's words.

I tried my best to ignore the stares and flashes of camera's as people directed them toward us. We weren't anything important we are just kids of The President. It's not like we are the Royal Family.

I fiddled with my hands, I kind of did wish my parents were here instead off touring in Australia, because than it would take most of the attention off Thomas and I.

I turned my attention towards the podium where they now began to call students up one by one, alphabetically to receive there diploma's.

It wasn't long until the principal announced on the microphone one of the five people whom I was actually here for, "Benjamin James," Thomas and I clapped and even hollered as Ben got up on the podium to receive his diploma. "Andrew Perkins..." I laughed along with the audience when Andy began to do some weird dance, which mainly consisted of shaking his 'booty' to the audience.

"That's enough Mr. Perkins, thank you." Ms. Kuch, the school's secretary said, as Andy shook our principal's hand, taking a bow before heading off stage.

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