Chapter Twenty: Dances, Partners and Classes

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Chapter Twenty: Dances, Partners and Classes

“Everybody’s looking at me now, like ‘who’s that chick with rockin’ kicks?’ She’s gotta be from out of town. So hard with my girl not around me. It’s definitely not a Nashville party. Cause all I see are stilettoes, I guess I never got the memo.” I belted on the top of my lungs dancing into the dining room for breakfast.

It was currently seven in the morning, and I was currently in the best mood. Even though it was a school day, and a Monday. It might seem like I had no reason to be happy, but I was.

I ignored the looks from the guards as I danced past them. I live in the Whitehouse for almost eight years, they should be used to it by now.

“Someone is in a good mood.” Marco our head cook said to me as I took a seat in my chair, across from Thomas.

“I am in a very good mood.” I said, nodding my head, “Mom and Dad are coming home today.” 

Marco’s eyebrows knitted in confusion, “You are grounded. Why would you be happy?” He questioned.

“Because,” I spoke, swallowing the food in my mouth. “Mom is always chill about groundings, so she will talk to dad and my grounding will be over.” I said, smiling.

“It still doesn’t explain why you are in a good mood. Considering you basically snapped at your father last time.”

It was now my turn to look at him confused, “You knew about that?” I asked.

He nodded his head, drying his hands on the cloth that was perched on his shoulder. “News travels fast, around here.”

I shrugged, looking back at the eggs on my plate. It didn’t really bug me, I wasn’t one to care about what people thought about me.

When I didn’t reply to Marco, he took that as his cue to leave walking out of the dining room and back into the kitchen. Probably going to go prepare for my parents arrival.

I quickly finished off my breakfast, getting up from the table and walking out of the dining room. Thomas was awfully quiet today, all he did was stare at his breakfast. And considering he had pancakes on his plate- his favorite meal, he didn’t look very happy. I was going to question him, but I’d rather not talk to Thomas when he is in a bad mood. He tends to snap.

I walked up to my room which was still being guarded by the two guards who were there on Saturday, I don’t think they moved, they were there all weekend. I guess they took their job seriously unlike Ricky.

“Morning guys.” I said, smiling at them.

They only nodded in return, shuffling aside to let me through. I ignored there no replies, walking into my room to get ready for school.

I quickly stripped out of my pajama shorts and long sleeved shirt, grabbing undergarments from my drawers and walking into the bathroom. I didn’t really have time to take a shower, due to the fact that Ben was probably somewhere downstairs waiting for me so we could go to school.

We decided it was best for him to take me to school, since he usually just drops his mom of here around this time. And it would save Holly the gas to come and pick me up.

I quickly brushed my teeth once again, then running a brush through my hair trying to get all the knots out. My dyed brown hair was beginning to fade back to its light state. I made a mental note, to tell my mom that I needed to re dye it. We wouldn’t want anyone making any sort of connections.

Once I was done combing my hair, I threw my hair into a low pony tail. I didn’t really have time to make myself look presentable, but this would have to do for now.

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