Chapter Fifty-One: Prom Kisses and Disses

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Chapter Fifty-One: Prom Kisses and Disses

"She's in here." I heard the voice of Melinda say, as my light switch was turned on. I wasn't fully awake nor was I fully asleep, however I was conscious enough to hear if someone opened up my bedroom door.

"Thanks." I heard who I believed to be Sarah's voice.

I turned over to my side, letting out a slight groan. "Go away," I muttered.

A few seconds I felt someone rip the covers of me as I sat up in bed. Turning to look at my culprit who had the guts to disrupt my sleep.

When my tired eyes landed on Sarah, no offense but I felt even more annoyed. I love the girl, but waking me up at eight in the morning is cruel.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, rubbing my eyes.

"I told you, I am coming over to get ready for prom tonight."

I let out a yawn, "Yes. But you said you were coming at twelve not eight in the morning."

She narrowed her dark eyes at me, "Ali. It is twelve. Well, twelve thirty. See I was even nice enough to give you half an hour more of sleep. Your welcome, now get your butt out of bed and hop into the shower."

I ran my hands through my hair, "Why?" I whined, "The dance starts at seven not three. Why on earth do we have to start getting ready now?"

I said, knowing that I was honestly only going to take me a half an hour at the most to do my hair and makeup. So I honestly did not understand why we needed five hours to get ready.

"Because I booked us an appointment with Olga."

I gave her a skeptical look. I was kind of scared to as her who was Olga because it sounded Russian and already her name sounded scary.

Sarah must have noticed the look I was giving her because she spoke up. "Olga was the one who dyed my hair red. I trust her enough to do your hair and trust me it will look better than whoever dyed your hair because your roots are already beginning to show."

I narrowed my eyes at Sarah, touching the top of my hair. "Well you have ugly shoes."

Sarah raised her eyebrows at me. "I am not wearing any shoes," She said, looking down at her feet.

"Yeah, because they are ugly." I said, childishly.

"Just get in the shower," Sarah said, her voice showing signs of frustration.

I rolled my eyes, swinging my legs off my bed and walked over to my bathroom. I opened the door and was about to shut it when I remembered something.

"I might not like your shoes, but I like you." I said, giving her a cheeky smile. "And I know you love me too." I said, "But, maybe not as much as you love Andy."

"Could you just go take a shower?"

I rolled my eyes, as I slammed the bathroom door behind me. I love how she didn't even deny when I said Andy loves her because I am pretty sure she felt the same way.


"I am still not a hundred percent sure why this is all necessary?" I muttered, as Thomas, the twins, Ricky and Melinda were standing with us as we took prom pictures.

"Like, is this supposed to be some kind of magical night or something?" I asked, as Melinda snapped some more pictures of Andy and Sarah.

"Shut it, Ali before I shut it for you." She muttered, to me as she continued to pose for the camera.

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