Chapter Twelve: Fights, Confessions and Dinners

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Chapter Twelve: Fights, Confessions and Dinners

"Where were you?” Was the first thing my mom asked when I entered the house.

“Out.” I replied, brushing past her and heading for the stairs.

“Out?” She repeated.

“Yes mother, outside as in away from this prison.” I muttered, under my breath.

“Alice, you do realize that the dinner is today and you aren’t even close to being ready.” She yelled throwing her arms up in frustration.

I opened my mouth to speak, but the corner of my eye detected a small figure trying to see around the corner. “Thomas!” I yelled out.

He came out of the corner shyly facing me his face flushed with embarrassment. “I thought you were going to cover for me!”  I exclaimed, exasperated.

“I said, I was going to cover for you. I never said, I was going to do a good job.”

I scowled in return at my brothers smart antics. “Both of you, enough!”  My mother exclaimed rubbing her temples. “Thomas, upstairs and take a shower.” Thomas opened his mouth to complain but my mother shot her a ‘don’t mess with me face.' He let out a sigh, trudging upstairs to take the shower.

She then turned to me and pointed her finger. “You. Are coming with me we have less than three hours and you don’t even look half presentable.” She spoke grabbing my wrist and hailing me up the stairs.


Three hours, six minutes and God knows how many seconds but after a whole lot of arguing, screaming, snack breaks and a whole lot of hair pulling I looked completely transformed. 

“Woah.” I said, completely breathless as I stared at myself in the full length mirror. I ran my hand through my brown hair was curled and pinned to the left side of my head. “Don’t touch.” My mother said swatting my hand away from my hair.

I tilted my head to the side as I saw not a seventeen year old girl in the mirror but an eight year old me staring back. I smiled as I saw all the times I dressed up as a princess as a little girl flash before my eyes.

I then ran my hands over my strapless ball gown, it was silver and had many sparkles and when it reached my waist it flowed down to my feet a nice light blue color. “Ready to make our big entrance?” My mother whispered breaking me from my thoughts.

I nodded turning around to face her. My mom had on a strapless purple ball gown with her hair put in a neat bun, she smiled lovingly at me.

“Oh before I forget.” She said, turning around and grabbing a necklace out of a blue satin box. “I wanted to give this to you.” She said, holding out a silver necklace with a key in the middle. A big smile made its way onto my face as I started chuckling.

“What?” She asked, confused. “Don’t you like it?”

I shook my head. “Of course, I love it! But it’s so cheesy.” I said, chuckling once more. “But thank you so much.” I told her, my laughter dying out wrapping my mom in a hug.

“No problem, sweetie. Now we better get going we are already as late as it is.”

I quickly put on the necklace my mother gave me giving myself one last look in the mirror before following her outside. We walked to the stairs my mom leading as I followed her silently behind. Once we made it downstairs we went down the west hall towards the dinner room.

It was a huge room that had a lot of empty space and a room that led to the kitchen. It was usually only held for balls and dinners.

Once we entered the ball/dinner room my eyes roamed at all the couples dancing and mingling with each other. “You look beautiful sweetheart.” I heard, someone say.

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