Chapter Fifty-Two: Lost Boys

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Chapter Fifty-Two: Lost Boys

“Imagine if that happened here,” Thomas whispered, both our eyes glued to the screen in front of us.

I watched as we watched the dome of the United States Capitol exploded into pieces. “They would be mayhem everywhere.” I whispered back, shoving some more popcorn into my mouth.

Today was the day mom and dad came back from England, so Thomas and I are taking the last few hours we have of peace to watch White House Down.

Thomas suggested it, the only reason being he wanted to see all the explosions that the movie contained. I on the other hand, agreed only because it had Channing Tatum and no girl could say no to that.

We were in the screening room, designated for movies or to let Thomas play his video games.

The only sounds that were heard was coming from our mouths as we chewed and from the television as sounds of the ambulances and fire trucks filled the room.

There was a knock on the door, causing Thomas to let out a groan. If there was anything Thomas hated more than vegetables was being interrupted when he was watching a movie.

I stopped the movie as Ricky came in. “Hey guys.” He said, coming over to us.

Thomas glared at Ricky. “Can we help you with something or did you just interrupt us for no reason at all?” Thomas questioned.

Ricky narrowed his dark eyes at Thomas, “Watch it bud. You aren’t even allowed to be watching television in the first place.”

Thomas turned his head back to the screen, muttering to himself as he slouched down in his seat.

I ignored my brother’s rudeness, giving my full attention to Ricky. “So, is there a reason you interrupted us?”

Ricky scratched the back of his head as he looked at me awkwardly. “There’s something or well someone that I think is here for you.”  

“O-okay?” I wasn’t quite sure where this conversation was going.

“Just come with me.” He said, waving his hand to follow him as he walked out of the screening room without any other words.

I got up from my seat to catch up with Ricky, but before I left I turned back to Thomas remembering something. “Don’t you dare continue the movie without me.” I warned, I hated when he did that because then he would refuse to go back to the parts that I had missed.

Thomas just let out another groan as he waved his hand at me, not making any more comments. I heard him muttering to himself but he didn’t say anything more.

I ignored him, leaving the screening room and walking down the hall in search of Ricky. I walked past the front door when I heard some voices coming from the kitchen.

Once I entered the kitchen my eyes automatically went to Melinda. She was talking to a little boy, but his back was faced towards me so I couldn’t get a look at his face.

“Where are your parents?”

The boy didn’t respond, he just shook his head.

“What’s going on?” I questioned, walking over towards Melinda.

“The guards found this boy outside the gates wandering. They asked him where his parents were but he didn’t say anything.”

“Did you guys call the police?”

“We were going to, but then the boy gave us this letter.” She said, handing me a letter.

I grasped the letter in my shaking hands as I noticed my name written on top of the envelope in messy handwriting.

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